Sensi Seeds – Durban Strain – Reg Photo – 10 Pack

Durban has earned its place as one of the most famous African cannabis strains thanks to its impressive yields, robust growth and powerful high. This 90% sativa reliably delivers harvests under almost any conditions, indoors and out – even during cold, wet summers! Beginners and experts alike will benefit from Durban’s powerful and generous nature.

Growth pattern of Durban Regular

Sensi Seeds’ Durban Regular cannabis seeds are known as one of the purest sativas. When it comes to looks, you can expect to see a plant that’s more squat and solid-looking than the usual tall, lean sativas found in warmer climates. This has no effect on the high, however!

This strain is capable of delivering plentiful quantities of sticky buds, even if the summer is damp and cold. It’s favoured by hobbyists and breeders alike, thanks to its predictable growth and steady yields.

Durban Regular is a resilient strain, and can be cultivated in virtually any area. If you want a sativa with impressive yields that can flower successfully even in chilly, wet climates with short summers, this is the strain for you.

The plants are also likely to recover from most errors made during growing. The same applies for withstanding particularly bad weather, if grown outdoors. Indoor growers will also appreciate the tenacity of the cannabis plants – it comes in especially handy when experimenting with growroom set-ups, or growing a close-to-pure sativa strain for the very first time.

Durban Regular’s flowering time can be as short as 50 days, with a maximum of ten weeks. This is surprisingly quick for a strain that’s 90% sativa. The staggering heights, however, are exactly what you’d expect. Anticipate speedy growth from the start of flowering right through to harvest. In some cases, plants may even triple in height. When cultivated outdoors in free soil (rather than pots), during a warm summer, Durban can reach around two metres.

The main growth pattern is typically sativa, though you can expect some lateral branching. Durban is an elegant plant; slender and tall, with long buds that spiral around the branches. There’s plenty of room for experimentation with this strain too; for example, with supercropping or training. Regardless of how they’re grown, Durban Regular’s yields tend to be generous. This is the case even when the plants are left to their own devices.

Effect, taste, and smell of Durban Regular

The immediacy of the high can unsettle those who aren’t used to it; Durban is not a “creeper”, so if vaporised or smoked it will grant almost instant effects. It produces an ethereal high, without making the user feel lethargic.

As the plants grow, they produce a subtle, almost herbal scent. Once flowering takes place, you’ll notice more of a bite to the smell, thanks to the citrusy notes. These aromas intensify after harvesting and curing, and the taste is reminiscent of aniseed and pine.

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