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• Shaman is a robust Sativa-dominant outdoor plant with a fast flowering time of 8 weeks on average. She is easy to grow and suitable for the beginner

• She is an ideal strain for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, very tough/resistant with long flowers and a high yield

• Shaman gets beautiful pink and purple colours in the buds in about 50 of the plants, this can vary from light pink to dark purple

• She has a fresh, fruity and spicy aroma and an energetic up-high. Shaman has a relaxing and uplifting Sativa high

Shaman has a complex terpene profile with a mainly fresh, sweet and spicy aroma, her taste is also sweet and spicy with a more sour touch

Shaman is a Sativa dominant outdoor plant. In addition to a very unique look, this robust and tough outdoor variety also has an attractive terpene profile. In general, she has a fresh, sweet and spicy aroma.

The aroma can best be described as sweet, fruity, floral and spicy, with sometimes sour and pine notes. Her taste is mainly sweet and spicy, some phenotypes also have a slightly more acidic touch and others a bit more of a piney, woody character.

Due to the different phenotypes found in this strain, there is something for everyone. The green phenotypes usually taste slightly sweeter than the purple phenotype.

Shaman is the perfect choice for the novice outdoor grower

Shaman has colour in about 50 of the plants. This can vary from light pink/purple hues to completely purple flowers which can even show very dark, almost black, hues. This makes this lady really beautiful to see.

On certain phenotypes, the flower hairs also change to pink/purple instead of the orange, brown color usually seen in a cannabis plant. Shaman delivers good yields in a wide variety of conditions and she is the perfect choice for the outdoor grower. Thanks to the powerful parent genetics she is also very suitable for the novice grower.

What kind of genetics are exactly in Shaman?

Shaman is an original Dutch Passion classic that has been in the collection for several decades and is still very much loved. It is a true outdoor plant that was developed for growing in greenhouses and outdoor cultivation.

Shaman stems from a breeding program in which an early Skunk was crossed with a colourful Purple strain. This breeding program was perfected when a very robust and easy to grow outdoor variety emerged.

This reliable and very potent F1 hybrid is the result of an exceptional quality male Purple #1 and a Skunk female. It is a Sativa dominant variety with only a small proportion of Indica genes.

This makes her exceptional in high and looks, but with a fast flowering time. Shaman was originally developed as a regular seed, but is also available as feminised cannabis seeds.

Shaman is a robust purple cannabis plant with a fast flowering time and beautiful purple buds that can grow up to 50cm in length

Shaman is a striking, elegant plant with clear Sativa characteristics. Her structure is more open and ‘stretchy’, the leaves are slender and long. The buds are long with a more airy, open structure. She also has long internodes between the large buds.

About half of the plants develop a pink/purple color in the flowers, ranging from light pink to completely dark purple buds. As the season comes to an end and the temperature drops, the beautiful purple hues will emerge more and more. It is truly a beautiful plant to see and photograph.

Shaman is a perfect plant for growing in greenhouses and for outdoor cultivation. She is very resistant to bud rot and fungus. Due to her open bloom structure, she is much less bothered by this.

This does not mean that she is not susceptible, but she will cope much better with long periods of bad weather, e.g. with a lot of rain and high humidity, than most traditional (outdoor) varieties.

This lady does as well in the ground as as she does in pots. She can be grown as a guerrilla plant but also does very well in a pot on a balcony or in the backyard. Due to her Sativa-dominant character, she can grow quite large, especially if you have started pre-growing in time.

Shaman responds well to topping and fimming and this can be done several times during growth. If she still stretches too much and gets too big during flowering, you can also bend her and (super) crop her.

At Dutch latitudes, this strain needs approximately until the end of September/early October to finish flowering. In greenhouses she is ready for harvest, on average, after 7-9 weeks.

Shaman is a strong plant that has a beautiful Christmas tree structure if you let her grow naturally. However, if you top her several times, she will grow very strongly in width and you will get a beautiful bushy plant.

The plants are on average between 1-2 meters high, but with the right pre-growth they can grow to more than 3 meters both in the open ground and in (large) pots. Shaman’s internode distance is medium to large.

Some blooms really get extremely large and can become solid lengths of bud between 40 and 75 cm long. A beautiful Sativa dominant lady that will amaze!

The genetics used to grow Shaman guarantee the following traits:

  • A Sativa dominant outdoor strain with a fast flowering time of 8 weeks on average
  • A tough outdoor variety that can take a beating, Shaman does well in pots but also as an open ground variety
  • This lady grows into a beautiful Christmas tree structure with long, thick blooms, about half of the plants have purple colours

Shaman is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain with great hybrid potency. Her smooth sweet taste combined with a sensual up-high makes this a lovely strain to smoke.

(Disclaimer: When growing cannabis there is something called phenotypical expressions. This means a strain can express itself (look differently) from plant to plant. Our breeder photos show one of potentially many phenotypical expressions)

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