Dutch Passion – Euforia – Auto Fem

• Auto Euforia is one of our most stable and robust autoflowers, very easy to grow and suitable for both beginners and experts

• She is known for her complex terpene profile and powerful up-high. Her effect is very uplifting and euphoric, this unique high is what made our original Euforia genetics so well loved

• If you are looking for a potent, very high yielding THC rich auto that will thrive in all types of weather conditions and climates then this is the way to go

• Auto Euforia takes on average between 10-11 weeks to fully ripen from seed to harvest. She has a Sativa dominant structure and the favourable flower-to-leaf ratio which makes her a joy to grow

Auto Euforia has a Skunk-like terpene profile with an earthy, woody and floral aroma accompanied by a sweet, fresh and fruity flavor

Auto Euforia® is a compact, bushy variety with an intense aroma and a skunky flavor. This strain smells strong and pungent, like a real Skunk should smell.

The aroma is best described as “skunky” with mainly sweet and floral notes of lavender, geranium and roses. The overlying earthy notes in combination with woody and musky notes complete the Skunk aroma.

Like all classic Skunks, she can really stink! The taste is slightly more subtle than the aroma – woody, sweet and sometimes even fruity. Auto Euforia is a cannabis strain with a complex aroma and taste. Skunk aficionados have welcomed this autoflower with open arms and she has built up a good reputation shortly after her introduction.

Auto Euforia is known for a high yield and potent ‘up’ high

Auto Euforia is an autoflower with genuine XL yields. This indicates that it is possible to achieve a very high yield with her. In the meantime, we have received a lot of customer feedback and there are several cases where growers managed to achieve XXL harvests with this lady.

In the right hands and circumstances, some phenotypes can become true monsters! Autoflowers taller than yourself with a height of about 125-175 cm are no exception.

Many growers who succeed in this often do so with a hydroponics system and with LED lights of high quality. But even organic soil grows can also produce these exceptional results. In addition to her heavy yields, she also produces potent THC-rich buds with a powerful euphoric high.

What kind of genetics does Auto Euforia contain?

Auto Euforia® combines the genetics of our classic photoperiod Euforia® with a carefully selected autoflowering skunk. Euforia® herself is an original selection of a 1990s photoperiod skunk, specially chosen for its unique euphoric high experienced by many users.

The euphoric, stress-busting feeling is still the most appreciated feature of both the automatic and photoperiod genetic lines of Euforia®.

This automatic sativa has a unique ability to relieve worry and stress. In addition, she is very easy to grow and produces strong yields. Auto Euforia builds on our special Skunk breeding program from the 1990s, which resulted in Skunk # 1, Orange Bud and Skunk # 11, among others.

Auto Euforia is a classic Skunk autoflower to love, potent with a strong pungent aroma and high yield!

Auto Euforia has a very favourable leaf-flower ratio, a high yield and is easy to grow

Auto Euforia is a robust Skunk autoflower that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, she can produce a very large harvest under the right conditions.

Outdoors she proves to be quite robust and resistant to short periods of bad weather. Her vigour in combination with the stability of this variety makes Auto Euforia also suitable for the novice grower. She can be grown under a 20/4 light schedule but some growers swear by a 24/0 light schedule for the very best results.

Auto Euforia grows fast in all types of growing mediums or growing systems (soil, coco fibre, hydro or semi-hydro). She performs well under a variety of grow conditions, even when the climate is not quite perfect she can provide very high quality buds and big yields.

It may sometimes seem like she has a bit of a slow start during the vegetative period, but growth will catch up within a few weeks.

Most vertical growth usually takes place during the 4-7th week of her life stage. She can grow quite fast during these last vegetative weeks.

During the flowering phase, trichome production increases rapidly and eventually the flowers drip with a thick layer of resin and trichomes. By this time Auto Euforia also has a very intense scent. Her terpene profile is truly to die for!

She grows to an average of around 100 cm (up to about 125 cm), but there are cases where she has grown even taller. Her plant and leaf structure is much more Sativa than Indica. She grows long branches and large leaves with thin slender fingers. Her internode distance is short to medium.

Some buds grow together, others are a fair distance from one bud to the next. The flowers are sturdy and heavy, they also have a very favourable flower-to-leaf ratio. This makes cutting quick and easy, you can remove the leaves largely by hand.

The genetics used for Auto Euforia guarantees the following properties:

  • A large/very large plant with a sativa appearance, leaf and bud structure. Produces a euphoric up-high
  • A very stable and robust autoflower which is suitable for every type of grower and all types of growing conditions/climates
  • Very powerful Skunk aroma and flavor, the aromatic buds have a complex terpene profile with a skunk overtone and both floral/fruity undertones

Auto Euforia combines a high yield with a high potency. This is a strong all-rounder that is guaranteed to give you a nice harvest.

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(Disclaimer: When growing cannabis there is something called phenotypical expressions. This means a strain can express itself (look differently) from plant to plant. Our breeder photos show one of potentially many phenotypical expressions)



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