Atlas Seed – Garlic Jam Strain – Auto Fem (420 Bogo Version)

Genetics: GMO auto x Cotton Candy auto

We created this strain because we wanted a quicker finishing GMO heavy strain that washed well.
The cotton candy auto brings a 1 week earlier finishing time without sacrificing too much yield.
90 of this strain are a deep purple in color. The nose caries the savory GMO notes through to the finished flower.

Days to Maturity: 75
Sativa/Indica : 20/80
Potency: 16-26


(Disclaimer: if you don't choose your second pack we will assume that you want double of what's on your invoice.)

(Disclaimer: When growing cannabis there is something called phenotypical expressions. This means a strain can express itself (look differently) from plant to plant. Our breeder photos show one of potentially many phenotypical expressions)

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