Cannabis Seeds for Beginners: Easy-to-Grow Strains for New Growers

For any beginner home grower just getting started with cultivating cannabis seeds, it can be quite a journey from seed to harvest. Before embarking on that epic journey, it’s best to know what kind of strains are right for your cultivation setup, as well as which ones are going to give you the least amount of grief throughout the process.

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Legalization & New Growers

Since quite a few U.S. states have legalized home grow within their borders, there’s a lot of humanoids planting their cannabis seeds for the first time. For example, a fellow traveler in the Multiverse is named Hal, and he’s located on the East Coast when not traversing other dimensions like me. Considering the fact that he brings it up every time we hang out, Hal is absolutely tired of paying the high prices found in dispensaries in his home state since adult use laws were passed.

To help out Hal and any other beginner home growers, here’s a guide to some easy-to-grow cannabis strains to get started out with!

Why Is It Important for Beginner Home Growers to Choose the Right Cannabis Seeds?

Getting started with growing your very own cannabis seeds for the first time will lay the groundwork for even more opportunities to improve with the next project. That’s why you’re going to want to make the entire process worth your while and with as little frustration as possible.

Know All of The Steps Involved in Cultivating Cannabis Seeds

When cultivating cannabis seeds, beginner growers need to understand all of the principles, basics, and best practices during each phase of the process. Getting familiar and comfortable with the cannabis seed cultivation process beforehand will ensure that beginner growers have at least a base-level understanding of everything involved. It will also make a less stressful endeavor should you face any adversity or set-backs that you will then know how to remedy.

Beginner growers also need to ensure the cannabis seeds they buy are going to be able to be cultivated properly with the right equipment and environment available to them. For example, if you’re going to be growing indoors with a tent, that’s considerably different than growing outdoors during the summer months.

Considerations for climate, mold, moisture, and mildew are going to be much more important for outdoor growing, so choosing cannabis seeds that have been bred to combat those adversities is very important.

Buy Cannabis Seeds from Well-Reviewed Breeders

One easy way to choose the right cannabis seeds to grow is by doing a little research on the breeders of the specific strains you wish to grow. By reading and comparing online and social media information of the breeder and strain, beginner growers can have a better idea whether they are the real deal or not.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of breeders and seed companies out there that have no problem compromising quality and selling cannabis seeds that feature less-than-reliable genetics within them. A quick search online usually reveals plenty of reviews and grow diaries of any breeder and seeds worthy of growing. Also, if you have friends or family who are experienced home growers and in the know, see who they recommend too.

On top of researching breeders, purchasing your cannabis seeds directly from reliable online seed banks like Uncle Paulie’s team over at Multiverse Beans can also ensure you have many premium options to choose from. They never sacrifice quality!

Feminized Seeds

Regardless of whatever strain of cannabis seeds you choose, beginner growers are wise to go the route of growing feminized seeds exclusively. In comparison to their regular seed counterparts, feminized seeds will always produce female plants.

Feminized seeds and female cannabis plants are most optimal because:

  • They do not produce a plant that contains seeds and a more inferior growth structure, which can sometimes be found with regular seeds. Regular seeds are primarily used for breeding projects by more advanced and experienced cannabis growers.
  • Feminized seeds do not require pollination or sexing in order to grow.
  • Fems will not “accidentally’ pollinate other plants to produce inferior hermaphrodite plants, unlike the tendency of their regular seed counterparts to do so.
  • Strains that are grown with feminized seeds feature a more vigorous, dense, and beautiful bud structure that humanoids (and aliens!) favor the most.

Easy-to-Grow Indica Seeds

Indica seeds grow short, wide, and bushy, so keeping enough space for them to branch out enough to do so is important. However their more-compact size does make for ideal indoor cultivation [1].

Growing Indica Cannabis Seeds

The shorter and more compact size of indica cannabis seeds makes them ideal for the indoor grower. However, their wide bushy structure should be accounted for with enough room to branch out. A typical indica seed grows dense, resinous buds for about 7-10 weeks on average once flowering.

Lower stress testing, topping, and other training methods are easy practices to not only maintain a good plant height, but maximize the bud sites and yields with indica cannabis seeds.

Indica Cannabis Seeds for The Beginner Grower

Cannabis harvested from indica cannabis seeds is used medicinally and recreationally all over the world. Indica cannabis strains produce a euphoric, relaxed, and sedative experience [2]. Take a look below at some indica strains that produce these effects and are great choices for the beginner grower to cultivate at home.

Northern Lights

A classic all-time indica strain is Northern Lights. As an almost completely indica strain, Northern Lights cannabis seeds grow cannabis that is known to produce pain and stress relief along with a pretty solid psychoactive kick.

Known to be exceptionally resilient to stress, pests, mold, and other environmental factors, Northern Lights has been a beginner grower’s standard for decades due to its hardy and vigorous growing reliability that results in a high-quality yield.

OG Kushes

OG Kush is a classic indica-dominant cannabis seed that serves as the backbone of so many of today’s strains available to consumers. Due to its potent and sedative nature, OG Kush cannabis seeds make excellent additions to anyone’s indica medical toolkit options.

Some growers say OG Kush can be a finicky grower, however breeders like Humboldt Seed Company, Purple Caper, and Barney’s Farm have OG Kush genetics down to a literal science with all of their OG Kush auto flower and photoperiod options.

Fear not humanoid beginner grower, for you too can have easy-to-grow OG Kush cannabis seeds at home with ease. Check out any of these great options:

Grand Daddy Purple

Another staple in the indica cannabis seed arsenal is Grand Daddy Purple. This all-time favorite indica strain has a characteristically famous purple color to its buds and thrives in an indoor environment or a long, warm, and sun-filled growing season if cultivating outdoors.

GDP as it’s also known by humanoids-in-the-know as a very bushy grower, so training and pruning techniques will certainly result in a big bad yield with a beautiful purple color that everyone loves.

Current-day classics like Purple Punch carry-on the GDP and OG Kush lineage with similar indica-dominant effects and growth patterns that the beginner grower can rely on.

Easy-to-Grow Sativa Seeds

Sativa seeds love to grow high, wide, and bushy, so keeping enough space for them to stretch is important. The more elongated and tall structure of sativa seeds make them a go-to for the outdoor grower in warmer climates, however maintaining enough space and utilizing cultivation techniques such as topping and cropping can ensure your sativa plants still grow tall and proud indoors as well.

Many pure sativa seeds will certainly grow very tall and slender. However, since there are a lot of sativa-dominant crosses also available today to the home grower, some don’t always grow quite as tall as others. One thing many sativa cannabis seeds do have in common is their tendency to take longer to finish flowering. On average, it takes about 10-14 weeks for sativa seeds to finish flowering.

Sativa Cannabis Seeds for The Beginner Grower

Cannabis harvested from sativa cannabis seeds is used by people worldwide as well. Sativa cannabis strains produce an energetic, uplifting high that can sometimes help with focus and tasks.[1] Take a look below at some sativa cannabis seeds that produce these sought-after effects for the beginner grower to easily cultivate at home.

Jack Herer

Named for the famed writer and cannabis legalization activist who passed away in 2010, Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant strain that is a cross of Haze x Northern Lights x Shiva Skunk. The unique floral and spicy aroma/taste of Jack Herer also contributes to the uplifting high that makes it the perfect daytime workhorse.

Jack Herer is certainly a type of sativa cannabis seed that grows relatively easily. Highly adaptable to a number of environments, climates, and growing methods, this sativa standby is a perfect choice for the beginner home grower. Also, check out standout crosses like Crazy Train by Atlas Seed Company.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is the offspring of Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze. Featuring a distinctive citrus-rich pine and spice aroma and flavor, SLH is a top-choice for sativa smokers and growers due to its high amount of uplifting effects and limonene terpenes.

Grown indoors or outdoors, Super Lemon Haze provides very large yields when provided a warm and sunny atmosphere to grow. Optimal indoor growing conditions will allow SLH to flourish, so training and topping techniques are a must. When growing outdoors be sure to account for the longer growing season this strain will need. Beginner home growers will be rewarded with dank, sticky lime green buds covered with yellow hairs and frost.


For such a non-stop, cerebrally uplifting powerhouse sativa strain, Trainwreck is surprisingly easy to grow for the beginner. The taller, more slender growth structure thrives outdoors with a longer growing season and plenty of warm sunshine, but beware of mold in high-humidity regions.

Indoor Trainwreck is doable with the right amount of space to account for the plant’s height. Either way, beginner growers will be rewarded with a somewhat quicker flowering period for a sativa cannabis seed, as well as an above-average yield full of chunky sticky buds that feature a characteristically potent, earthy-diesel fuel aroma with hints of pine and citrus.


As a mix of different Earthly landrace strains (Afghani, Colombian, Mexican, Thai), AK-47 is recognized as a potent sativa-dominant strain. This is evident in the plant’s tall structure that features a more sparse leaf coverage that creates excellent airflow and light penetration–contributing significantly to the beginner grower’s success.

Orange and purple accents across bright green buds frosted with maximum trichome coverage provide the distinctive AK-47 appearance. AK-47’s diesel-like, earthy aroma also features citrus and pine notes similar to Trainwreck.

Durban Poison

As another pure landrace sativa, Durban Poison is another cerebral powerhouse. Known to produce a “speedy” rush after consuming, the sweet floral aroma features plenty of terpinolene and myrcene to produce a spicy, herbal, and piney flavor.

As a proven grower worldwide, Durban Poison cannabis seeds have developed a strong resilience to different growing climates. Stretching is a must for these particular sativa seeds, so growing outdoors during a warm summer will help them reach the highest potential.

Easy-to-Grow Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid cannabis seeds make up a large portion of the seeds found cultivating inside of grow tents. Everywhere you go, humanoid cannabis consumers are in love with the over-the-top names, flavor profiles, and straight-up gas that these crosses have.

The result of combining indica seed genetics with sativa seed genetics to make unique offspring produces hybrid cannabis seeds that often feature an experience full of the best of both worlds. Some hybrid seeds contain a mix of relaxing and sedative properties along with some uplifting and energizing traits as well.

Hybrid Seeds for The Beginner Grower

Since so many hybrids are completely unique creations, not only are their flavor, appearance, and aroma profiles all different, their cultivation times and growing traits are as well. When growing hybrid seeds, ensure you’ve done your research on how each particular cannabis seed strain will most likely grow, as well as the right training and topping techniques that may be necessary.

Regardless, most modern-day hybrids benefit from a genetic phenomenon known as “heterosis”. This means that the genetic diversity of both different parent strains that were used to cross the hybrid seed, will contribute mostly complementary traits to their offspring. [3]

New gene combinations are therefore in the offspring are created and interact with one another beneficially to enhance the growth vigor and strength of the new plant [3].Take a look below for some hybrid seeds that will grow with ease for the beginner grower.


As one of the premier hybrid seeds of all-time, GSC (or Girl Scout Cookies) is a super-popular strain that is a cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison–making it the best of both indica and sativa universes!

The distinctive taste and aroma of GSC features room-filling sugar, gas, vanilla, and spice notes for days. The balanced hybrid effects also make a great choice for many beginner growers to cultivate. Dense, sticky buds full of frost feature very pleasing shades of green and purple coupled with orange hairs.

The flowering time runs a little longer typically with GSC (9-10 weeks), and beginner growers will want to pay careful attention to proper pruning, training, and topping to provide optimal airflow and create more bud sites on their plants.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a hybrid cross of GSC x Cherry Pie for a nice balance of indica and sativa effects that can sometimes lean slightly more indica. Another strain that smells like it was bred and grown by a humanoid pastry chef, Wedding Cake also delights consumers with an array of sugar, dough, and other sweet, fruity, and floral notes to make it a one-of-a-kind hybrid strain.

With growth structure and patterns very similar to GSC, this hybrid strain does require some attention to environmental factors until time to harvest. However, indoor growth under optimal conditions will make for a beautiful bounty for the beginner grower.

Double Grape

As another classic hybrid strain from auto flower seed masters Mephisto Genetics, Double Grape (Grape Crinkle x Sour Stomper) delivers a potent experience full of deep, unmistakable berry and grape flavors with a gassy aroma profile.

A true gem to grow indoors or outdoors, Double Grape rewards the beginner grower with a shorter flowering time, and a reliable vigor that can resist a number of environmental factors.

Multiverse Genetics

Multiverse Genetics has knocked their recently debuted hybrid strains out of the park! These premium genetics are sure-fire and bring all of the gassy, dank, and potency that consumers of all levels seek in a modern-day hybrid.

Check out strains like Star Froots, Comet Candy, and Applenaut–all feature strong heterosis and mold resistance that produce beautiful yields for the beginner grower.


As a cross of two other popular modern-day hybrid strains (Gelato x Zkittlez), Runtz provides vibrant colored buds that delight consumers with a host of sugary, candy-like flavors full of euphoric and potent pain relief potential

The strong heterosis vigor of Runtz allows it to be a reliable grower in a number of environments. An aggressive, vertical grower, training techniques that help it to branch out wider will provide additional bud sites for larger harvests.

Choosing the Right Beginner Cannabis Seeds to Grow

Regardless of whatever type of cannabis seeds you ultimately decide to grow (indica, sativa, hybrid) strains like those mentioned above and many others make for more manageable cultivation experiences for the beginner grower just getting started.

Easy-To-Grow Cannabis Seeds Are More Forgiving

These types of strains are full of benefits due to their more forgiving nature when it comes to environmental stress, diseases, temperature fluctuations, overwatering, and nutrient deficiencies. This results in a higher rate of success for a big harvest at the end of the entire cultivation process.

Once you’ve got a few grows under your belt as a beginner grower, you will then begin to apply your experience and knowledge to bigger cultivation projects, different cannabis seed types, and more challenging strains to grow.

My buddy Hal is pumped to get started growing, and already started germinating his 1st cannabis seed before I even finished this article! Be like Hal! Start out today with any of the beginner cannabis seeds mentioned above and gain the satisfaction and confidence that comes with it.

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