Top 10 Strains For Outdoor Cultivation.

Top 10 Strains for Outdoor Cultivation

Whenever I go on joyride, I always see outdoor growers with wide smiles on their faces. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time they’ve seen a UFO in-person, or maybe it’s because of how satisfying outdoor cultivation of cannabis seeds can be!

However, sometimes outdoor cultivation doesn’t get quite the amount of praise it deserves. These days most humanoid growers prefer to cultivate indoors to control the environment better, while also getting good privacy. Even still, outdoor weed shouldn’t be overlooked as a more cost-efficient, spacious, and sustainable way to grow some cannabis yourself, should you have the space and privacy to do so.

Why Grow Outdoor Weed?

There’s a multitude of reasons to grow outdoor weed. From economic to environmental reasons, outdoor cultivators of cannabis seeds have many distinct advantages. 

Autoflower seeds, photoperiod seeds, feminized seeds, regular seeds, indica seeds, sativa seeds–there are so many strains and seed types that grow exceptionally well outdoors. Take a look at why all of these different cannabis seed types are fantastic to grow outdoors:

  • Less equipment
  • Lower electricity costs
  • More space for bigger yields
  • Abundant sunlight for optimal growth
  • Environmentally sustainable advantages versus indoor growing
  • Higher overall cannabinoid & terpene content
  • Dense chunkier bud structure
  • Naturally enhanced flavor
  • Flower and trim can be used for extraction, pressing, edibles, oils, tinctures
  • Therapeutic benefits of gardening

Main Factors that Affect Growing Outdoor Weed

If you’re going to commit to growing your own outdoor weed, there are some considerations that must be accounted for. These include:

  • Seasonal light cycles
  • Geographical climate and temperature
  • Immediate environment
  • Water availability
  • Sativas take longer to finish flowering
  • Pest & mold control
  • Privacy & security
  • Soil quality
  • Sufficient air circulation between plants to reduce mold issues

Use Cover Crops

Adding some cover crops to your outdoor weed garden is also another brilliant idea to help manage your growing conditions and environment. It also keeps everything organic, sustainable, and healthier. The biodiversity that is created enhances soil quality, erosion control, moisture retention, and nutrient cycling. 

Some common beneficial cover crops to supplement your garden include:

  • Clover
  • Buckwheat
  • Rye
  • Oats
  • Legumes

Ways to Control the Environment Outdoors

Growing cannabis seeds outdoors doesn’t allow for the same environmental controls compared to indoor growing. However, there are a few different techniques and practices to help growers exert some control over the outdoors:

  • Cover Plants: Covering your plants during some daylight hours while in the 12 hours of light/12 hours of darkness schedule that the flowering phase requires.
  • Cover Outdoor Weed Plants Overnight: In addition to being beneficial during the flowering phase, covering your outdoor weed plants with an overhead tarp overnight in a humid climate will help reduce levels of moisture and dew that can lead to mold and bud rot.
  • Shake Off Excess Dew: In the morning during the growing season, gently shake each plant to remove excess moisture. This helps prevent mold and bud rot.
  • Use A Greenhouse: Greenhouses provide a controlled environment where temperatures, humidity levels, and light can be manipulated. They are sustainable and environmentally-friendly, and they protect from pests, diseases, and prying eyes.

Top Sativa Seeds for Outdoor Cultivation

Consumers and growers of sativa seeds rejoice! Outdoor cultivation is ideal for sativa seeds due to their taller-than-average height and love for the sun. Excellent sativa seeds for outdoor cultivation include:

  • Skunk Sativa Seeds

    Sometimes known as Diesel, nowadays known as Gas, Skunk sativa seeds have been representing all of those nose-tingling aroma profiles for decades now. This slightly acrid, yet somehow alluring terpene profile and smell always seems to identify a strain as truly worthy enough, should it fill the entire room. Skunk strains always deliver in that category!

    These sativa-dominant seeds go a long way to provide consumers with potentially uplifting, focused, and energetic effects.

    Landrace Sativa Seeds

    Cannabis strains that have not been hybridized or crossed with any others and maintain their original heirloom genetic heritage are known as landrace strains. Many landrace sativa seeds are reported to provide especially uplifting effects that can sometimes border on psychedelic. 

    Excellent landrace sativa seeds that you can watch stretch tall and beautiful under the sun include:

    Haze Sativa Seeds

    Spicy, citrusy, piney, and totally unique, Haze sativa seeds are cultivated outdoors by growers who seek strains with complex aroma and terpene profiles that also have the potential to uplift and often reportedly provide quite the psychoactive effects. 

    Another big stretcher, haze sativa seeds are perfect if you are considering cultivating your own outdoor weed and have access to good light and plenty of upward space. 

Top Indica Seeds for Outdoor Cultivation

Choosing indica seeds for growing your own outdoor weed provides shorter plants that branch out into fuller, more robust plants. Excellent indica seeds for outdoor cultivation include:

  • Kush Indica Seeds

    As another landrace-originating seed type, Kush indica seeds have roots in the Hindu Kush mountain range region of Asia. 

    In today’s current marketplace, Kush has an important role as parent strain in many now-classic strains and other hybrids as well. Power-packed with earthy, hashy, and citrusy notes, Kush indica seeds are used by humanoid patients and consumers worldwide for potential pain and stress relief. 

    So many Kush varieties are available to grow outdoors where they thrive in the warm daytime sunshine. Some of these include:

    Blueberry Indica Seeds

    Blueberry became one of the first really popular hybrid strains once its breeder DJ Short combined several different landrace strains into his own unique strain that delights consumers with its blueish-purple glow, 

     Blueberry features a unique aroma and taste that delivers on its namesake, while relaxing indica-like effects are known to provide consumers with deep relief. A solid 7-9 week flowering time will provide a large yield for the outdoor grower of Blueberry indica seeds or crosses.

    Northern Lights

    Any list of indica seeds to grow your own outdoor weed would not be complete without mentioning an outdoor cultivator’s classic–Northern Lights

    The ability of Northern Lights to adapt comfortably to several different regional climates and environments makes it a top resilient choice for outdoor cultivation. Expect a bushy growing plant that flowers for 7-9 weeks on average, and is reported to provide pain relief, relaxation, and sedative effects that consumers and growers of indica seeds seek.

Top Hybrid Seeds for Outdoor Cultivation

Hybrid seeds feature a phenomenon known as heterosis that features the most beneficial genetic combinations of both parent strains to produce a more vigorous growing and genetically-sound offspring. [3]

This is great news for anyone thinking of growing hybrid seeds for their own outdoor weed, since it means there’s a good chance their hybrid seeds will inherit the best possible traits to endure the elements and environment of a long outdoor growing season. 

On top of fantastic genetic combinations, modern-day hybrid seeds provide the often gassy, sugary, and sweet aroma and taste profiles that humanoid stoners these days cannot seem to get enough of. Here are some great hybrid seed choices for the outdoor grower. 

Multiverse Genetics Hybrid Seeds

Uncle Paulie and the team at Multiverse Beans have done it again! Besides amazing seed choices, unmatched freebies, and prices that can’t be beat, they now have their very own premier genetics collection for home growers of both indoor and outdoor weed. 

Check out any of the following high-quality hybrid seeds from Multiverse Genetics that feature balanced potential effects, as well as important traits like mold and mildew resistance that keep outdoor weed growing healthily. 

  • Star Froots
  • Dark Matter
  • Comet Candy
  • Applenaut

Runtz Hybrid Seeds

Runtz is a hybrid strain that has spawned countless different crosses since its debut to growers, consumers, and patients just a few short years ago. The sugary, fruity, and gassy profile will delight any outdoor grower with its rich palette of green and purple hues once in flower. 

Outdoor cultivators can grow these hybrid seeds with confidence due to their robust structure and excellent growth vigor. 

GSC Hybrid Seeds

This cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison combines the best of both indica and sativa seed worlds with its reportedly balanced effects that have essentially become the standard for hybrid seeds as of the last 10 years or so. 

There are many different phenotypes of GSC seeds on the market nowadays–many of which reward growers of outdoor weed with a gassy and sugary harvest. When cultivating GSC hybrid seeds outdoors, sunlight exposure is going to be plentiful. 

GG#4 Hybrid Seeds

GG#4 is another now-classic hybrid strain that took the market by storm upon its introduction last decade. Potential balanced effects and a remarkable aroma profile that lets everyone know there’s a dank-ass gorilla growing in the backyard make this a very sought-after hybrid seed strain for growers of outdoor weed.

Plant supports can be very important when growing GG#4 hybrid seeds outdoors because of how much they can help support and facilitate the typically very heavy branches full of super sticky buds on these plants.

Contact Multiverse Beans

For the best cannabis seeds available, contact Multiverse Beans, your premier online seedbank. We offer a top-quality genetics collection for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. With a commitment to excellence and unmatched customer service, we’re here to help you elevate your weed growing experience. Reach out to us today and discover the difference with Multiverse Beans!


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