Twenty20 Mendocino – Muchacha (formerly Glue Sniffer) Strain – Auto Fem

Origins: Glue Sniffer Auto


Filial Generation: F5


Phenotypic Variation: Very Low


First Sign of Flower: 25-30 days from sprout


Total Life Cycle: 80-88 days


Height: Tall


Yield Index (Per sf): high


Nose: Gas, Fumes, Fuel, Earth, Coffee,


Laboratory Potency Results: 19.9%-20.9%


Laboratory Terpene Results: 2.8% (see strain profile on website for details)


This is one of our most consistent cultivars.  Expect minimal phenotypic variation.  High resistance to powdery mildew and botrytis.   Anticipate a height of 4-5’ in a 2 gallon container.  Plants can get up to 6’ tall with enough root space.  For a dense canopy plant approximately 28”-36” apart in the ground or in 2+ gallon pots.  Larger pots recommended.

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(Disclaimer: When growing cannabis there is something called phenotypical expressions. This means a strain can express itself (look differently) from plant to plant. Our breeder photos show one of potentially many phenotypical expressions)



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