Speedrun Seeds – Terp Sneeze Strain – Auto Fem – 3 Pack

Strain Lineage: Sapphyre F3 x Iced Latte F2

Effect Profile: Indica Hybrid

Seed to Harvest time: 65-75 days

Average Yield: 10-14 oz

Terp Sneeze is a strain that we consider to be one of our best examples of an EXCELLENT terpene profile.
It’s got a sour yet sweet, sharp, hazy, citrus, floral, candy-like smell to it that all of us became instantly addicted to.
We made it our mission to cross two phenotypes that produced the very terpene profile in the F1 that’s available here.
Not only is the terpene profile completely mesmerizing, but the terpene content is out of this world.
It is, out of the hundreds and hundreds of strains we’ve grown, one of the greasiest, gassiest, stickiest strains any of us has seen.
You know, when you touch a sugar leaf or a bud in flower and your fingers are left kinda shiny and greasy?
With this strain, it’ll look like you just strangled a giant McDonald’s french fry.
And even beyond the crazy terpene traits of Terp Sneeze, it is also a combination of two of our frostiest autoflower strains–and it absolutely shows.
We’re proud to say that the trichome density on this one is nothing short of extraordinary.

If all that wasn’t a reason to start growing this strain immediately, the yield potential should definitely seal the deal.
In 7 gallon pots, we’ve seen 1lb+yields on a large percentage of plants and even in smaller pots we’re seeing 10+ oz yields consistently.
And as with most of our strains it finishes right around the 70 day mark +/- about a week.

As far as the effect profile goes, you can expect a deeply relaxing experience here.
We wouldn’t go so far as to say it’ll make you drowsy, but it’s definitely best saved for after work or for a lazy weekend morning.
Our best comparison for how this strain feels would be– You’re 12 years old, still laying in bed, and you just got confirmation that it is indeed a snow day, and there’s absolutely no reason to worry about getting up.
It’s THAT relaxing.


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(Disclaimer: When growing cannabis there is something called phenotypical expressions. This means a strain can express itself (look differently) from plant to plant. Our breeder photos show one of potentially many phenotypical expressions)

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