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White Skunk Regular by White Label is an ideal skunk for beginners, and people with a limited budget. We created this balanced 35% sativa, 65% indica hybrid to provide a creative, happy high that’s relaxing without being sleepy. White Skunk is a high-yielding cannabis variety that’s simple to cultivate and robust enough to withstand most common gardening problems.

Growth pattern of White Skunk Regular by White Label

White Skunk Regular by White Label cannabis seeds produce plants that are easy to cultivate. As such, it’s a good option for novice growers. It has a short flowering time of around 50 days. The buds are semi-open, revealing its blend indica and sativa genetics. Expect to see plants that are mostly uniform in appearance, with some lateral branching and short internodal gaps.

While flowering, White Skunk Regular usually doubles in size. However, gardeners who want to keep the plants more compact can reduce the vegetation period. For super-sized plants, growing White Skunk Regular outdoors in free soil (in a temperate climate) can encourage them to grow to up to three metres tall.

Yields are often very good with this plant, which is rewarding for novice growers. It’s relatively low-maintenance too, and grows well both inside, and outdoors in temperate or warm conditions. Gardeners in colder climates may want to select White Skunk Automatic, as it performs better in cooler temperatures.

White Skunk Regular can benefit from lollipopping techniques.

Effect, taste, and smell of White Skunk Regular by White Label

The aroma of White Label’s White Skunk Regular is less pungent than other skunk plants, which are known for their sometimes overpowering scents. In this case, the smell is smoother, with pleasant top notes of orange liqueur, plus a more earthy base. There are also strong citrus notes, which grow in intensity during the flowering stage.

The fruity flavour carries through to harvesting and curing, and is evident during consumption. After consuming White Skunk Regular, expect to enjoy a balance of relaxation and invigoration. This is due to the indica / sativa balance.

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