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White Label’s Northern Lights Automatic, is a rapid flowering, compact strain. It’s 90% indica, which can be detected in the calming, total-body stone. The intensity of the high is impressive, especially for an autoflowering strain. As well as a speedy harvest, growers also appreciate the pleasantly earthy, fruity aroma, and the compact height.

Growth pattern of Northern Lights Automatic

Northern Lights Automatic cannabis seeds are 90% indica. It’s believed that the strain originally came from the US. After being taken to The Netherlands, White Label developed their own version of the strain. This contemporary variant features the same Afghani and Thai heritage, with the inclusion of a ruderalis.

It’s an autoflowering strain, which makes it a solid choice for novice growers. Automatic varieties offer a more predictable, reliable grow. Northern Lights Auto also has a rapid flowering period of just 45 to 50 days. This makes it possible to produce multiple harvests in one year. It’s also a bonus for those who want to get results as quickly as possible.

Another advantage of this strain is its small height gain, which is to be expected from an indica-dominant plant. Growers can usually anticipate more limited growth, which makes this a suitable strain for those with less space.

White Label Northern Lights Auto plants are compact, with a stocky, sturdy appearance, and lots of dense branches. The leaves are broad and relatively flat, and the buds, when they’re nearing harvest time, are thickly coated with shining resin. They’re also large and chunky.

Though this is an autoflowering strain, it still offers a sizeable yield, especially when compared to other auto varieties. Those looking for a super-sized harvest may want to consider the Feminized variant instead.

Northern Lights Automatic is robust, and as such, it’s well suited to even cooler European climates. It can be grown outdoors, or inside at any time of the year. Cultivation in a greenhouse is also an option.

Effect, taste, and smell of Northern Lights Automatic

Northern Lights Automatic is indica-dominant, which is obvious in the resulting high; potent, sedative, and intense. As with many indica strains, it produces an all-over sense of relaxation; though some users also claim to feel more creative or thoughtful after consuming it. Inexperienced users should be aware that Northern Lights Auto is capable of producing a powerful stone.

The strain doesn’t generate a powerful odour while growing, which is beneficial for those cultivating the plants indoors. Up close, a subtle scent of earthiness and pine can be detected, with mildly fruity undertones. The aroma only intensifies after harvesting. Then, users may notice a citrus smell, along with a hint of spiciness. This carries through to the taste, which is lemony, earthy and pungent.

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