Sensi Seeds White Label – Jack Herer Strain – Reg Photo – 10 Pack

A new interpretation of the original, the result of the careful selection of Jack Herer® parent plants. The F2 variation by White Label might not quite match the Sensi Seeds best-in-class, but it certainly has plenty to be proud of. In addition to the fantastic resin production, it is known for its uplifting high and almost psychedelic effect.

Jack Herer® Regular by White Label growth pattern

Jack Herer® Regular by White Label has much in common with the original strain: Three of the four phenotypes are sativa-dominant, with the fourth more indica-like. It grows more quickly, yet remains quite compact with a thick bud structure. This range of phenotypes is totally normal for a 50/50 hybrid, and a benefit in many ways. It allows growers to select the perfect mother plants for their flavour preference.

The female plants with their distinct sativa traits and a manageable height combined with good yields are particularly popular. Indoor growers should not underestimate these plants’ height gain, however: two weeks in the vegetation phase is generally sufficient. Jack fans will happily tell you what comes next. Resin-rich calyxes form at several points, lending the plants a wild appearance.

Fist-sized buds bursting with pistils are not uncommon with this cannabis strain. If you want to harvest thick trophy colas, you’ll definitely love Jack Herer® Regular by White Label. With a little love and attention, Jack will reward you with resin-covered THC bombs. And you won’t have to be patient for too long.

Jack Herer® Regular by White Label is ready to harvest after 50 to 70 days. In the right hands, the plants deliver a great yield, which can be further boosted with specific growing techniques such as Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG). Outdoor cultivation is possible, but needs warmth, and a long summer.

Effect, flavour and smell of Jack Herer® Regular by White Label

This strain is sure to get you going! The euphoric high is accompanied by a pleasant, long-lasting body buzz. Novices should not underestimate the effect: Jack Herer® Regular by White Label contains a lot of THC. Because the plants have a discrete smell during cultivation, they do not attract any unwanted attention.

Once harvested, the bouquet unfolds, reminiscent of Afghan tones with fruity skunk notes.

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