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The CBD Purple Punch Auto strain is an incredible example of well bred genetics. The breeders have gone above and beyond and managed to maintain all of the amazing flavor of Purple Punch Auto genetic from Seedstockers, while producing insanely low amounts of THC and robust volumes of CBD. The purple punch flowering time is a bit longer than other Autoflowering genetics, but savvy cultivators with a bit of patience will be rewarded with fantastically large yields. In this case, an award winning CBD Blackberry Kush genetic was used in the breeding program in order to produce super rich buds that are totally caked in CBD.


Purple punch indica genetics

The cup winning CBD Blackberry Kush used in this crossing is a primarily indica variety CBD strain, that comes loaded in dark berry flavors of its own. With careful breeding techniques, the flavors and fat indica colas characteristic of CBD Blackberry Kush are preserved in CBD Purple Punch Auto. The practical upshot means obtaining the kind of broad bouquet of aromas and flavors that we expect from the most elite ganja, with the convenience of having low amounts of THC and very high levels of CBD.


CBD Purple Punch Autoflowering time

CBD Purple Autoflowering seeds take about 11 weeks to flower, and from seed to harvest you can expect about 100 days. By day 30 into flowering, you’ll start to see just how frosted this genetic really gets. As with many autoflowering strains, it might be a good idea to start plants indoors under 24hrs of light before taking them outdoors. This will ensure vigorous growth during the plants vegetative period.


Aroma and Flavor

Purple punch has a potent ancestral lineage, including genetics from around the world but most notably its a cross with Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purple. Crossing these genetics in with CBD Blackberry Kush means thick fruity flavors that linger on your tongue for hours. After the first toke, its hard not to say CBD Purple Punch Autoflower punches you in the face with the taste of… well, purple!!



Purchase Seedstockers’ CBD Purple Punch Autoflower seeds

If you’re one of many cannabis users that just cant enough Purps, and loves a genetic thats rich in CBD and low in THC, there’s absolutely no doubt that CBD Purple Punch Autoflower is what you’re going want to add to your garden this season.

 Life cycle : 11 weeks  Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor  Dominant : Indica  Yield : Massive  THC : Between (0.5%-0.6%)  Flavor : Candy Fruity  Effect : Relaxing  Experience : Intermediate

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(Disclaimer: When growing cannabis there is something called phenotypical expressions. This means a strain can express itself (look differently) from plant to plant. Our breeder photos show one of potentially many phenotypical expressions)



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