Mephisto Genetics – Stilton Special – Auto Fem – 3 Pack


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Genetic Heritage: Sour Livers x Northern Cheese Haze

Seed Type: F1 Feminised Automatic
Indica/Sativa: 65/35
Cycle Time: 65 to 75 days from sprout

Stilton Special is a tremendous artisanal combo in limited edition form. Two cultivars from MG coming together that have a beautiful shared UK blues/livers/cheese heritage with a sprinkling of haze and more old-school funk than James Brown. The Northern Cheese Haze adds size and more sativa structure to the mix, whilst the Sour Livers brings weight, frost and odour to the party. Trichome output is spot on, and the end flowers could be popped into a vase. They’re really something special to behold, with lime green flowers contrasted by electric orange pistils.

Vigour is very nice on the Stilton Special and plants lend themselves well to a variety of growing conditions and training methods. Left to do her thang naturally you’ll get a nice medium-sized plant shape between tree and bush, but she is well-trainable to slot into your own style and space.

Effects are nicely balanced, Stilton Special is a sweet everyday strain, good for wakey-wakey eggs and bakey, giving a nice boost but also mellow enough to be social, chilling and take the edge off modern life without being too heavy to ever dissolve you into your sofa completely. Flowers are tight with a decent density, she likely won’t drop like boulders onto your trim tray like some of our more indica cultivars but potential yields are well above average sun a quality you’d be hard-pressed to shake a stick at.

The taste and aroma combo is a major highlight of Stilton Special, she’s definitely a nostril and palette smasher. During the growth stages she frequently stinks up the joint, and when smoking the joint stinks up the establishment. Whilst the Northern Cheese Haze alone can be slightly muted with the NL#5 / Haze with cheese lingering in the background, the Sour Livers brings flavour to the foreground with aromas ranging from Loud, Sour, fruity, Blueberry, Waffles with a creamy cheesy edge.

(Disclaimer: When growing cannabis there is something called phenotypical expressions. This means a strain can express itself (look differently) from plant to plant. Our breeder photos show one of potentially many phenotypical expressions)

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