Kc Genetics – Lemon Slurp Strain – Fem Auto – 3 Pack

Genetics: Meph Mouth (Walter White x Toof Decay)*Lemon Head Pheno* x Kiwi Slush (El Chemi Kiwi – (MEPH) x Blueberry Slushy F4-(ROCBUD))

-True F1 Hybrid
– 70-80 Days from Sprout
– 2-4 ounce average
– 3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds

Typically large sized stocky plants stacked with grenade sized buds of frosted top shelf smoke. Excellent bag appeal with striking magenta and purple hues highlighted with orange hairs. Excellent bag appeal appearing almost silver due to the heavy layer of frost. Handles training well. Top or bend main and create a bush with multiple top colas.
Ran naturally we’ve seen many get a monster main cola almost solid from top to bottom. Lemon is the prodominate terp.
9/10 will have some lemon in the terp profile. 5/10 will will reek of lemonhead/lemon pledge.
Strong stain that definitely takes the edge off. Most people reported clear headed and motivational highs.

Meph Mouth came from Mephisto Freebies. We ran 9 total. Honestly they were all great looking plants.
We sorted through them and decided on one with an intense lemon smell – this one was later nicknamed “Lemonhead”
The kind that after you touch will have you sniffing your fingers the rest of the day.
Heavy trichome production and nice bud structure to boot.

The Kiwi Slush reversal was the single plant selected from a hunt for it’s sweet Blueberry/Gas terps, frost glistening off the purple tinted buds.
Photo quality dense stacked bud structure. Handled training well – topped and bent branches. Large multi topped bush with training.


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