Jinxproof Genetics – Problem Child F2 Strain – Reg Photo – 12 Pack

Calling all cannabis enthusiasts!!

Allow yourself to indulge in this stunning blend of diesely tangerine and chocolate flavors, created to arouse euphoria of the mind while gently calming the body.


Problem Child F2
(Problem Child x 9lb Hammer)


65% Indica Hybrid



60-63 Days






The main phenotype displays thick hearty branches that are easy to train. Heavy pruning prior to flower cycle encourages multiple bud sites with thick flowers. This plant has dark green leaves, even black at tips. Sparkly trichomes cover the flowers and sugar leaves. The large plentiful buds are nearly dripping with sweet sticky resin when close to harvest.



An intriguing combination of skunky Tangerine, sweet, peppery pine, amidst gassy, chocolate notes.


High Type:

Due to the uplifting euphoric effects, this strain is recommended to relieve chronic stress, depression and anxiety. Can be used as an effective anti-inflammatory to reduce headaches, muscle fatigue, pain, soreness and spasms. The overall effect is mentally uplifting and blissful relief accompanied with physically relaxing body effects. An incredible daytime indica.

Additional Information

Pack Size

12 Pack

Plant Type

Hybrid, Indica

Seed Type

Photo Reg



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