Dutch Passion – Frisian Dew – Fem Photo

  • A strong robust outdoor plant suitable for all climates
  • It produces extremely high yields
  • Prize winning hybrid with beautiful purple colours and great mold resistance
  • For many years the favourite strain for outdoor growers worldwide

Frisian Dew, a cup winner that guarantees the highest quality

Frisian Dew won 1st place in 2008 at the Highlife Cup in the Netherlands. More recently, in the 2018 Homegrown Cup, Frisian Dew took 3rd place in the ‘Dutch Hash’ category. She has been an important part of the outdoor feminised seed collection for many years and still knows how to beat other new varieties with ease.

The buds of Frisian Dew are fruity and fresh

Frisian Dew is a perfect hybrid cannabis plant with a fresh, fruity, floral taste and aroma. It can vary from fruity (forest fruits) and slightly lemon-like to more pine-like and lavender. Some phenotypes smell a bit more like earth, ammonia and herbs – a characteristic from her Skunk parents. Her terpene profile is unique and provides a pleasant smoking experience. A beautiful outdoor feminised variety that also tastes great!

The buds of Frisian Dew are large and colourful

Frisian Dew is widely known for its great yields. It goes without saying that the buds can become very large and fat. It’s that perfect blend of Indica and Sativa genes which take care of development, producing abundant growth and and heavy blooms. Most phenotypes also have a very favourable flower to leaf ratio.

Growing Frisian Dew outdoor offers the best yield

Frisian Dew is the best seller from our Dutch Outdoor cannabis seed selection. She was carefully crossed and selectively bred over many generations in Friesland, a province in the Netherlands. These genetics have more than proven themselves over the years. A classic outdoor feminised seed variety that will certainly not disappoint.

Frisian Dew has something called ‘hybrid vigor’. It is the result of a cross between a female Super Skunk and a male Purple Star. Shiva has created a very strong plant that grows fast and blooms exuberantly. Her Sativa genes provide long blooms and the Indica genes ensure compact buds. Together this combination makes for extremely high yields.

The name Frisian Dew comes from the area where this variety was developed. Frisian is the literal translation of “Fries” in English one of the northernmost regions in the Netherlands with its own language and strong cultural heritage.

This strong hybrid delivers experienced smokers with a powerful high which lasts quite a long time. Many outdoor growers simply find it the perfect high, nice for both the day and night. Smoke/vape a little bit more and the “couch-lock” takes over from the initial up-high.

Frisian Dew seeds are stable, strong and easy to grow

Frisian Dew is the result of years of crossbreeding/development of both Skunk and Purple genetics. This time consuming process ultimately produced a very stable and strong outdoor feminised seed variety. Her genetics are known for high yields and high quality. She is also very easy to grow. She doesn’t need any special feeding schedules and she can handle just about any type of weather condition, cold and wet or hot and dry, Frisian Dew can handle it!

The majority of the plants will become strong and large. This strain is known for vigorous growth with large leaves and strong sturdy stems which don’t break easily. It is a lady that you must tame if you do not want her to grow into a huge bush.

Frisian Dew is a true classic outdoor strain of legendary proportions.

She isn’t suitable for indoor growing but is perfectly suited to outdoor growing and greenhouses. In the right circumstances and with the right care the plant can grow to one of epic proportions. Plants of 3.5 m high by 3.5 m wide are no exception. In most cases, Frisian Dew is ready for outdoor harvest in October (Northern Hemisphere). In greenhouses it can sometimes be a few weeks earlier in the right circumstances. But bear in mind that it is precisely during these last weeks that the most bud weight is produced by the plants. Harvesting too early can therefore lead to a lower yield.

Outside (and in greenhouses) she can reach a height of 3-4 m and is harvested during early/mid-autumn.

The genetics used to grow Frisian Dew guarantee the following properties:

  • Strong and vigorous growth both outside and in the greenhouse. Commercial production levels when grown under optimal conditions
  • A plant that is suitable for all types of weather, even in a cold and humid climate. It can provide large plants with a good yield
  • Large strong branches that are full of light purple flower clusters with a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio and a fresh, fruity taste

Frisian Dew is the perfect outdoor feminised seed variety for both beginners and experts. Even as a beginner it is easy to achieve large returns. In the hands of an expert, this strain can provide yields of a few Kg of dry cannabis flowers per plant. It is recommended that this strain is only grown outdoors or in greenhouses.


(Disclaimer: When growing cannabis there is something called phenotypical expressions. This means a strain can express itself (look differently) from plant to plant. Our breeder photos show one of potentially many phenotypical expressions)

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