Brothers Grimm Seeds – Space Queen Xx Strain – Fem Photo – 9 Pack

Space Queen XX is the female version of the Space Queen strain. Back in the late 1990’s, MrSoul and dear, departed Vic High (RIP) of BCGA in Canada collaborated by crossing Vic’s Romulan female to our Cinderella 99 male to create the original Space Queen. Space Queen was then used to great success by dear, departed “Weed Nerd” Subcool in his breeding as well. We’ve decided it was time to release a femme version of this legendary hybrid.


To bring Space Queen XX to market, we selected an old-school C99 “Pineapple pheno” female from the original C99 seeds released back in 1999 to be the pollen donor to Vic High’s original Romulan clone. All the best Romulan qualities have come together with the sugar and spice of Cinderella 99 in this all-female version. They’re vigorous, super resinous plants, with large, tight colas and a high flower to leaf ratio. A decidedly Romulan structure, yet the smoke is much more energetic in its effects.



Vic High’s Romulan x Cinderella 99 pineapple female pollen donor.



60-65 days



Think Evergreen tree shaped Indica dominant with heavy resin production. Purple colors may develop on both leaves and flowers during cold night temperatures.



That first hit is a funky flavor, but very quickly you find the exhale leaves that fruity flavor on your tongue, followed by sandalwood aftertaste. The high is strong, yet gives you an energetic mood.



The Space Queen XX structure lends itself best to growing in the natural Christmas tree shape with a central stake for support. Watch for heavy branches that may also need support. These are dense, big-yielding plants, so support the heavy branches well.



We harvest 6-7 ounces of primo buds from a 48-inch-tall plant. Above average to heavy yield.

Additional Information

Pack Size

9 Pack

Plant Type

Hybrid, Indica

Seed Type

Photo Fem



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