Brothers Grimm Seeds – Cinderella Purple Xx Strain – Fem Photo – 9 Pack

The new Cinderella Purple strain is a Purple Urkle x Cinderella 99 cross, crossed again to Cinderella 99.
Cinderella 99 is the female pollen donor of the Cinderella Purple strain.
The original Purple Urkle strain is indica-dominant strain, famous for being the potent mother of Grand Daddy Purple (Purple Urkel x Big Bud.)

Cinderella Purple plants grow extremely vigorously and is an easy strain to grow. The Cinderella Purple plants grow and sparkle like a christmas tree.
Some plants have really plump colas. Plus, overall they have very few fan leaves to worry about.
Cinderella Purple will stretch in flower phase up to 1.5x, however, you don’t need to fuss with defoliating.

60-65 days of flower, grapey, citrus and funky fragrance.

Cinderella Purple seeds are still in tester phase, which explains their low price of $25 for 9 feminized seeds.


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