Binary Selections – Mix Pack Auto Fem

Binary Selections has released their new 2023 Autoflower Mix that includes four-seed feminized autoflower seeds of each of Sticky Situation, Sour Twist, and RumpleMintz in one convenient pack!

Nurple has been one of the most popular strains released under Binary Selections. They wanted to see how well the purple carried over when we outcrossed her to some of our recent favorite auto varieties. She passed on those beautiful purple/red colors but she did not dominate the flavor of the plants she was crossed to allowing some truly unique flavor profiles and stunningly beautiful plants to share with the world. Binary Selections is truly excited about this lineup.

RumpleMintz F2 (Pineapple Runtz Auto x Nurple)

With crazy colors and crazy flavors, RumpleMintz is a strain that will not be forgotten. Purple, Red, and Orange fading in late flower on top of dense sparkling buds make her a fun plant to photograph. Most phenos smoke is sweet with a fruity, Runtz background. You want to keep smelling the jar and grinding up buds. A small percentage of plants have a minty citrus aroma and flavor.

Medium-sized plant, high yield finish time 10-11 weeks seed to harvest.

Sour Twist F1 (Yuhbary Auto x Nurple)

It’s Sour with a twist. The flavor is the main attribute of this strain. Sour Fruit Candy on the inhale but a creamy sweet yogurt flavor that sneaks up out of nowhere on the exhale. It is a rare flavor experience that grown in the right conditions will stand above most strains. Smoke is not overly strong but definitely not weak. Good for social gatherings or going out with friends. Medium to tall size plants, more spear bud shape but good density makes her yield well.

9-10 weeks seed to harvest

Sticky Situation F1 (Wicked Witch x Nurple)

Just like the name implies you are in for some of the most frosty buds you have seen on an autoflowering strain. Wicked Witch phenos are dense nugs that reek of gas and fruity flavors. The Nurple’s dominant phenos will be dark purple, some even showing red colors on the leaves and stems with a citrus candy flavor. There is a purple Wicked Witch pheno hiding in the bunch that will blow you and all the auto critics away. Purple frosty buds with fruity gas flavors, not only taste good but hit you in the face in a good way. Beautiful colors fade in late flower making it great for pics and bag appeal. Medium size plants that have good yields some plants get really chunky and heavy.

10-11 weeks seed to harvest

BONUS STRAIN: Purple Spright F1 (Bumblebee Auto x Nurple)

Grape cola, fruit punch with floral mixed in. Heavy yield.

10 weeks seed to harvest

12 Feminized Autoflowering Seeds per pack!


(Disclaimer: When growing cannabis there is something called phenotypical expressions. This means a strain can express itself (look differently) from plant to plant. Our breeder photos show one of potentially many phenotypical expressions)

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