MultiverseBeans Seed Storage Guide.

Hey everyone! We have gotten a lot of questions about the best way to store seeds. This is great because it means the MVB fam is buying lots of seeds! In this article we will go over the best way to store your beans from the MultiVerse. Something to keep in mind about cannabis seeds, is that they are inherently hearty! They have evolved to withstand lots of different kinds of environments. One thing they are not designed to withstand is moisture! In this article we are going to be very redundant on a couple of things. Those things are moisture and darkness. Temperature is important, but its importance lies more along the lines of maintaining a steady temperature versus a certain temperature. The best way to store cannabis seeds is in a very dry and dark place that has a steady temperature. There are many of different methods for achieving this. Let’s go over a few of them. Your first step is to get a light proof container. This is easy! Basically, the only thing that the container needs to be is light proof. A quick google search for “cannabis seed storage containers” will provide plenty of options. They can range from jars, to bags, and even to a locking safe. Keep in mind that your container should be able to fit either one specific strain, or you can get a container that allows for multiple strains. When you place the seeds in a lightproof container, place some cotton swabs or cotton balls in the container, this provides a barrier layer for protection against moisture. The next step is making sure that the moisture, or relative humidity (RH), is in the proper range. Too little humidity can cause pest issues, but too high humidity can cause your beans to rot. Here is a RH chart to explain the different relative humidity levels and how they affect cannabis seeds and cannabis seed storage.

Below 8% RH: At these levels, any pests or insects around the seeds become active, may start reproducing, and thus damaging the seeds. 8–10% RH: The risk of pests still exists, but it’s the optimal relative humidity (RH) for long-term storing of cannabis seeds. 12–14% RH: Fungi flourish in these conditions, which harms the seeds and affects their ability to germinate later. 18–20% RH: The seeds may sweat in this condition, and the moisture (and any heat) can cause them to rot. 20–30% RH: These levels are ideal for storing cannabis seeds for short-term use. 40–60% RH: When you increase the RH to 40–60%, seeds may start germinating. These are the optimal levels for cultivating most strains of cannabis. 70–100% These levels are too high for storing cannabis seeds. Within 12 hours, they’ll start drowning, wilting, and dying.

A couple of different ways to control your RH levels is by using desiccant packets – also known as silica gel packets. These are the little bag things that come in new shoes, beef jerky, etc. You know you found one when you go to pull up a piece of jerky but instead get a packet that says DO NOT EAT. A quick google search for “seed storage desiccant packs” will provide you with plenty of options to buy them. PLEASE REMEMBER: store the packets in a sealed container with a desiccant pack that will absorb moisture, but please DO NOT PLACE THE DESICCANT PACKET DIRECTLY IN THE SEED PACKETS. For some, this is overkill. To many people, storing seeds usually isn’t a long-term process, but instead just a few months or weeks. If storing your seeds for the short term, the easiest and most foolproof method is going to be to store them in a refrigerator or freezer. We recommend storing in a fridge instead of a freezer. With temperatures that are too low like in the freezer, it can cause the seed to thaw as it warms up to room temperature. This may lead to issues with germination. Moisture is the enemy here! For 95% of people, setting the seeds in a lightproof container in a dark drawer is plenty enough care for them to last until they are ready to be used. Sometimes, we in the “industry” can over-complicate things. Storing your seeds is one of those things that doesn’t need to be overthought. If your cannabis seeds are in a dark, dry, and stable place. They will be good for a long, long time. With that being said, storing cannabis seeds is easy. If you maintain those three things: DRY, DARK, and STABLE, your cannabis seed storage should be a breeze!


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