How to Properly Store Cannabis Seeds

Greg here. I’ve got a lot of friends in the Multiverse that are just like me and like to collect unique cannabis seeds for when the time is hopefully just right to pop them. However, amassing an amazing genetics collection does come with some responsibilities, should you choose to store your cannabis seeds instead of growing them right away. But be aware, if your cannabis seeds aren’t stored correctly, they won’t germinate!

For example, my extraterrestrial buddy Cliff is able to trick any of his humanoid neighbors into believing he’s one of them like it’s an artform. He’s really good at looking like and acting as if he’s one of y’all, except when it comes to being a responsible seed collector. Dude just keeps getting seed pack after seed pack from drop after drop, and just throws them all into a Tupperware container next to his recliner for years to come.

Kept in a drawer or cabinet is fine for a really short-term solution, but for a long-term one–find a better spot! As one of his homies from way out there, I feel like I can help Cliffy and anyone else out that may need some better organization and storage habits for their precious cannabis seed collections.

Store Cannabis Seeds in a Cool & Dark Place

Just like many things organic–especially those with cannabinoids–light and UV rays have the potential to severely degrade or damage them to the point of no return. Even artificial light can degrade these materials as well [1]. Just like dried cannabis flower and tinctures that are stable for a few years if stored in the dark at room temperature, so too can your constantly increasing cannabis seed collection. Once you buy cannabis seeds online or in-store and receive your order, it’s important to immediately store them properly.

Maintain a Stable Temperature Away from Heat Sources

Studies have definitively shown that “temperature can affect the percentage and rate of germination [of non-germinated seeds]”. This is because seeds continually deteriorate as embryo-containing organisms, and unless you go ahead and start germinating them, they will ultimately die.[2]

How quickly cannabis seeds and others start to decline in their fertility is closely related to temperature and moisture. Because seeds are inactive until germinated, dry seeds continue to lose their dormancy, which is related to the temperature [2]. “Relative humidity also has a related impact on seed longevity, and influences the moisture content of seed if it’s not placed in moisture-proof containers,” according to researchers at Colorado State University.” [3]

“Good seed storage results when seeds are kept dry and the temperature is kept low (below 40°F).”

Almost every region experiences temperature changes when the seasons evolve from one to the next. As it turns out, seasonal changes and drastic drops in temperatures can really affect seeds too. To battle the elements that a new season can bring, maintain consistency as much as possible in your cannabis seed storage and organization.

The same researchers confirmed, “Good seed storage results when seeds are kept dry and the temperature is kept low (below 40°F)” [3]. However, super low humidity can also dry seeds out too much, so levels between 8-10% RH are ideal for even more long-term storage.

Storing Cannabis Seeds in the Short-Term

Storing your cannabis seeds in a cabinet or drawer that doesn’t let in much if any light is perfectly fine if you think you’re going to actually cultivate your cannabis seeds in the next 1-3 months or so.

However, even in the short-term (1-3 months), you can still institute better practices to store your seeds. At a minimum, try to use a clean, dedicated cooler full of airtight moisture-proof, light-resistant containers full of your sealed seed packs and placed in the basement. This will help keep them in good shape for several months until you’re ready to proceed with growing them.

How to Store Cannabis Seeds in the Medium-Term

If perhaps you’re looking to hold off popping those packs of cannabis seeds you just picked-up from the great team at MVB until a few more months to 1-year or so down the road, there’s also a few ways to best preserve them until ready.

Using a Refrigerator to Properly Store Cannabis Seeds

To achieve the optimal temperature range of 40°F or slightly below, having a dedicated refrigerator just for cannabis seeds can really make a difference. A mini thermometer inside the fridge to regularly monitor that this temperature is maintained is also important.

And don’t just use your regular humanoid refrigerator that you use to keep all the many cheeses you Earthlings love to eat–get a mini or full-sized basement fridge that isn’t going to have temperature changes. Constantly opening and closing the fridge to get all that delicious gouda is going to throw the temperature conditions off for your seeds’ proper storage big time pronto.

What Kind of Container Should I Use to Store Cannabis Seeds?

Airtight containers keep moisture and humidity at bay. Not only does moisture contribute to cannabis seed decay, it can also generate harmful bacteria and mold. Oxidation from the air can also degrade seeds if a container is not sealed or stored correctly.

Label, Re-Package, Tape, & Vacuum Seal Before Storing Cannabis Seeds

Before storing your cannabis seeds in any container and refrigerator, ensure the original packaging is sealed tightly, and replace with another resealable mylar-type package or seed tube if necessary.

Taping the package shut, or even vacuum-sealing the seed packs before storage in your container are other practices that will only help ensure longevity. Just make sure they’re at an ideal dryness before trapping in any moisture.

Use Dark-Colored, UV-Resistant Containers to Store Cannabis Seeds

Utilizing airtight containers is important, and so is blocking out harmful light sources as much as possible. Dark or opaque plastic containers, mylar bags, vacuum sealed, or tinted glass jars that are made by reliable manufacturers are the way to go.

Toss in some silicon gel packs inside the container to help keep humidity low. Next, get those containers stored away in that cheese-less mini-fridge or basement/storage area of the house that meets any of the criteria mentioned.

How to Store Cannabis Seeds for the Long-Term

Freezing cannabis seeds to store for the long-term is certainly a viable long-term option–even up to 10 years! [4]

Airtight containers that don’t move around a lot in a dedicated freezer not attached to your everyday “humanoid cheese fridge” can do the trick. But do be aware of the pitfalls of how truly delicate cannabis seeds are in this frozen state. One false move is capable of creating useless shards of precious seed material.

Try to not handle the seeds as much as possible, if at all after you’ve placed them into an airtight, moisture-resistant container within the same seed pack-along with any additional tape, labeling, or vacuum seal.

Adhere to any of the same types of procedures and containers already mentioned that you would use with your refrigerator. Pay careful attention to not use anything that won’t prevent moisture from getting into the seeds once they’re locked down in the freezer.

Other Tips for Properly Storing Cannabis Seeds

Some things may be more obvious than others when it comes to properly storing cannabis seeds. However, doing too much can also sometimes defeat the purpose of all of the care that is put into properly storing your seed collection.

  • Buy cannabis seeds online or in store from reputable breeders and the best seed banks like MVB to get high-germination rates right off the bat. 
  • Some strains can be more capable of longevity than others. Do your research.
  • Maintain good organization. Label seeds with breeder, strain name, and date to track the age of the cannabis seed specimen.
  • Having your own dedicated refrigerator, mini-fridge, or freezer is clutch, but ensure you aim for a no-frost appliance that maintains temperature AND humidity levels much more efficiently.
  • When it comes time to pull your seeds from the fridge or freezer to cultivate, place the jar or container on the kitchen table or suitable room temperature area for 12 hours. Afterwards, open the container and seed pack and give them some air for a day or two before cultivating.
  • Try to keep seeds in their original packaging, and handle them as little as possible. Once your seeds are organized, labeled, and stored try to not handle them unless it’s time to germinate.
  • Consult with your cannabis seed bank to get tips and information about storing their seeds.

Buy Gear to Store your Cannabis Seeds Properly

Hopefully now you and Cliffy can have your wits about you when you properly store your cannabis seeds. By instituting some easy practices and picking-up some reliable gear like  light-resistant, airtight sealable containers, a vacuum sealer, or a no-frost refrigerator or freezer–you can expect to get some more life added on to your precious cannabis seed collection.

Contact Multiverse to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

If you have any questions about properly storing your cannabis seeds or need advice on the best gear to buy for your collection, feel free to reach out. We are always here to help collectors ensure their seeds are kept in the best condition possible.


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