Ho Ho High Holiday Sales Event 12k+ Giveaway and Sale Details!

Multiverse Beans Presents: The HO HO High Holiday Sales Event!

Shop with us during the Ho Ho High Sales Event. From December 22nd at 4:20 PM PST to December 27th at Midnight PST, indulge in our winter wonderland of discounts, Giveaways, Bogos & More! Join us in this holiday harvest and let’s make this Christmas unforgettable!

Entire Site 10%:  10% off applied to most products. Check out the Steal These Beans page for even greater discounts!
Entering the $12,000+ Seed Giveaway
It’s simple to join the giveaway: make a purchase of $135 or more during the event. Multiple entries are accepted. Meaning that if you place multiple orders throughout the day/week you have a higher chance of winning!

The Giveaway Breakdown: 120+ Winners in Total!

Here’s the detailed breakdown:

  • Total Prize Pool: $12,000 worth of premium seeds.
  • Participating Breeders:
  • Daily Winners: Each day, we’re picking 24sh winners. That will win approximately $100 in prizes each. By the event’s conclusion, a grand total of 120 winners will have been selected!
  • Winners: We will choose winners daily and when we are packing your order, we will include your prize in your package.

Free Shipping
We’re offering free shipping for all orders over $50.

BOGOs and More
Our Buy One, Get One (BOGO) deals include offerings from top breeders like:

Fatcat Labs (Buy 2 get 3 free, choose in your cart!)

Hooligan Farming Supplies: 

Night Owl Seeds:

Photon Pharms:

Purple Caper: 


Spaceman Seed Co:

And our tiered bonus beans system offers even more benefits:
Tier 1 (Ho Ho Bonus Beans Bundle):
Spend $135 and receive $90 in seeds

  • Tier 1 Autos:
    • 3x Fruit by the Mutha Fuckin’ Yard- Atlas Seed
    • 3x Bird Droppings – Huminbird Hills
    • 3x Mint Lemonade OR Lou Lou Lemon – 3rdshiftgenetics
  • Tier 1 Photos:
    • Cosmic Crasher – Atlas Seed
    • 100 Proof – Chef Buds
    • Juice Box Or Pink Runtzs – 3rdshiftgenetics

Tier 2:
Spend $210 and receive $180 in seeds (Tier 2 contains Black Friday Bonus Bean Bundle x2)
Tier 3 (Holiday Bonus Bean Bundle):
Spend $275 and receive $270 in seeds (Tier 3 receives Tier 2 and 9 additional seeds)

  • Tier 3 Auto:
    • 3x Twisted Cookies- Twisted Tree
    • 3x Fromage – Humminbird Hills
    • 3x Lemon Runtz- 3rdshiftgenetics
  • Tier 3 Photo:
    • 3x Baja Blast S1 – Mosca Seeds
    • 3x Blockwork – Spaceman Seed Co
    • 3x Chef’s Magik – Chef Buds

Act Now: Limited Stock Available!
These offers are only available while supplies last.
Rush Processing Disclaimer
Please note, with an anticipated high volume of orders, shipping may take slightly longer, even with rush processing. However, selecting rush processing will ensure your order is prioritized.
Shipping Disclaimer
We will do our best to ship out orders starting Friday, but the majority of orders will be shipped starting Tuesday, because we want to enjoy the holidays too.