Got a jack? Dawn, our in-house angel, and packaging expert, needs a new ride to continue supplying the multiverse with top-quality cannabis seeds. To help raise funds for this worthy cause, we’re having a FLASH SALE for 24 hours starting NOW Saturday, January 27th. During this sale, you’ll be able to snag some amazing deals …

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Uncle Pauly Needs a new ride sale

What’s up everyone? My beloved car finally died. I had it from 2010 until 12/2/22. 188k miles. It was my first car I ever had. We are having a sale this weekend so I can buy a new one, the used car market is a hot mess.

Is it a Hermie?

Is it a Hermie? This is a topic that scares a lot of home growers, this is what we all seek to avoid when it comes to growing cannabis. This article is going to focus on identifying a true hermie in autoflowering cannabis. I will start by saying, a true hermaphrodite is rare. There are …

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Veterans Day Sale

Thank you to the Veterans and everyone affected by their sacrifice. To honor those that serve, we are having a small sale and giving away a 2 pack of Lemon Grass Auto by HSC. It is a veterans favorite. Select breeders up to 40% off!

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