420 Specials

Spend $420 and get(while supplies last):

1x Chem Dawg Fem Photo
1x Girl Scout Cookies Auto
1x Jack Herer Auto
1x OG Kush Auto
1x Sour Diesel Auto
1x Shamen Photo Fem (Dutch passion)
1x Frisian Dew Photo Fem (Dutch Passion)

1x Giant Shovel (Please note: the Giant shovel may delay shipping. We will make every effort for it not to.)

  1. $125 free shipping instead of the normal $150
  2. Promo codes are good at $125 instead of the normal $150. Yes, you can use multiple per $125 order. Example: If your order total is $300, you can use 2 in the same order.
  3. Each breeder is x% off. Up to 40% off certain breeders!
  4. Giant Shovel contest:
    Each purchase you make will enter you into the contest. At the end of the 420 sale, we will pick a winner. You can enter as many times as you want.
    The winner will get

    1. $500 worth of beans from Pauls personal collection
    2. 1x Giant shovel
  5. Wu-Tang Slap with each order
  6. Rainbow Shovel with each order
  7. MultiVerse 420 slaps with each order