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You can think of Slapple as Stone Fruit’s Big Sister!


We crossed our favorite phenotypes of Stone Fruit with some very special pollen from our Granite Haze F2 generation, to create a strain with a similar lineage to Stone Fruit.


The strong candy apple terpene profile is the first thing you’ll notice about this strain. It really is like biting into an apple straight off the tree.


You’ll love the tighter bud structure, the awesome frostiness and the strong uplifting and energizing effects. Slapple’s internodal spacing is less lanky than Stone Fruit, and the plants have less of a tendency to stretch for the sky.


We’ll keep stone fruit in our lineup for those of you that love it, but Slapple is taking its place in our breeding program.

(Disclaimer: When growing cannabis there is something called phenotypical expressions. This means a strain can express itself (look differently) from plant to plant. Our breeder photos show one of potentially many phenotypical expressions)

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