Night Owl Seeds – Strawberry Milk & Qookies Remix #1 Strain – Auto Fem – 3 Pack

Strawberry Milk and Qookies Remix
  • Bruce Banner #3 Auto F3 x Milk and Qookies F1

  • 70-80 days from sprout

Welcome to the 2023 Owloween Spooktacular, featuring a selection of untested one off crosses from the private stocks of J and Daz!

With the original Strawberry Milk and Qookies becoming such a beloved variety I knew I had to make the Remix. This was made using the l same seed stock as the original release, but with the parents switched around.

  • Strawberry Milk and Qookies- (Milk and Qookies F1 x Bruce Banner #3 Auto F3)

  • Strawberry Milk and Qookies Remix – Bruce Banner #3 Auto F3 x Milk and Qookies F1)

The Bruce Banner used for this cross was a a beast! Larger than usual, unreal strawberry OG terps, sturdy branching, carpets of resin from stems to fan leaves, stellar bag appeal, and as close to a perfect bud to leaf ratio as you could hope for. Trimming and deseeding these buds was a joy.

The Milk and Qookies reversal the same used to make the Microverse Morsels V2. She selected from 12 and seemed like a perfect for her excellent vigor and branching, greasy trichomes, lingering creamy Cookie funk, and fast, heavy sativa dominant flowers.

I expect plants to be extremely similar to the original Strawberry Milk and Qookies. Immense terps from disco golfball nugs that absolutely drip with resin! They should be medium sized plants finish around 70-80 days and make for an ideal extraction candidate.


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