Pure Breeding – Blueberry Cinnabun Strain – Fem Photo – 5 Pack


Blueberry Cinnabun (Hazelnut Creme x Blueberry Hash )


This cross is pure madness, in a good way! First off, one of the moms in this line is a massive, fast yielding, blueberry hash plant and wow was she very different from the others. She grew extremely vigorous and laid out some beautiful sticky, hardcore blueberry terpenes.


We decided to take the Blueberry Hash Plant and cross her into our other extremely vigorous and robust breeder cut Hazelnut Creme… The outcome.. Pure Madness! Both varieties blended really well together and created beautiful, truly icy, compact, sticky and flavorful flowers. This is a  really unique line that will crush in any grow room, I suggest giving these girls a run!



Flowering Time – 8 To 9 Weeks

Flavor – Hazelnut Creme, Blueberry, Cinnnabuns, Baked Goods, Cream

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