Gnome Automatics – Picaxe (fast Flowering) Strain – Reg Photo – 20 Pack

PicAxe (Fast Flowering Photoperiod)


HammaHamma F2 x Coal Miner’s Daughter F5

Demensions: Average Photo Period, Direct Plant yields 6 foot plants.  Beds and pots may be larger.  Depends on training.

Recommended Light Cycle: 18/6 for Veg and 12/12 for flower period

Flower Time : 8 weeks


Aroma and Flavor: Pine, Fuel, and Earthy Tones

Odor: High

Selected Grow Environment:  Outdoor, and Greenhouse.


This Fast Flowering Photo is best grown outdoors.  It can be cultivated indoor too.  HammaHamma is know for being a large plant.  It has a long stretch during the flower cycle but the final flower is spectacular.  It makes some of the best hash rosin and only made sense to pair it with CMD.  Coal Miner’s Daughter brought in the shorter flower cycle and another cultivar that produces well when washed.  Combining these two plants was a match made in heaven.  Terps, fast flower and large yields make up this fantastic plant.  Covered in a heavy layer of resin , this is sure to be a hit at the end of the season if you are a connoisseur of flower or hash.

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20 Pack

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Photo Reg



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