Gnome Automatics – Miner’s Koffee (fast Flowering) Strain – Reg Photo – 20 Pack

Miner’s Koffee (Fast Flowering Photoperiod)

Kaya’s Koffee F6 x Coal Miner’s Daughter F5
Demensions: Average Photo Period, Direct Plant yields 6 foot plants.  Beds and pots may be larger.  Depends on training.
Recommended Light Cycle: 18/6 for Veg and 12/12 for flower period.

Flower Time : 7 weeks

Aroma and Flavor: Coffee, earthy, and piney
Odor: High
Selected Grow Environment:  Outdoor, and Greenhouse.


This Fast Flowering Photo is best grown outdoors.  It can be cultivated indoor too.  Adding the auto decreased the flowering time of this cultivar.  Finishing in 7 weeks post flower initiation makes it a wonderful addition to any outdoor crop.  Raised and bred in the PNW this cultivar is a powerhouse.  Combining Gnome Automatics and Pacific Northwest Roots, this is sure to be a hit in the garden.  Koffee and CMD are both known as fantastic washers and produce delicious hash at the end of the plants grow cycle. These two cultivars bring a strong resistance to mold and mildew

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