Frostfire Seeds – Candy Smash Strain- Auto Fem

Genetics: Bruce Banner #3 F3 Auto (Darkowl Seeds) x Chem Candy (Nightowl Seeds)

Out of multiple packs of BB3 I found a mother that had the darkest red/black fade, finished the fastest, had the most insane frost rails, and the gassiest rank smell.

Crossing this to chem candy created a frost legend, a gassy/chem hard hitting mixture that will knock your socks off.
There is a slight hint of berries to some phenos but mostly gas, pinesol, and chemicals will be found.
This one will get you in trouble for how loud it truly is.
A true heavy smoke/tolerance cutter. This one isn’t for the casual smokers.

After I made F1 seeds I ran them and tested them and reversed one onto it self.
It did not produce that many seeds, so this pack is super super limited, I believe there is less than 20 packs total for this strain.
BUT if you miss out don’t worry, this will be ran again.

This could potentially be a very quick finisher, I do not recommend topping or training too hard, please only top if the height will be an issue.
It will trigger sex around day 15-20 and then flip to flower immediately.
I recommend direct sow and being 100 prepared before you plant these seeds.
The chances of stunting are much higher on a short flowering strain and less is more.
Keep it simple and you will be greatly rewarded with the one of the frostiest stankiest autos out there.

Fully tested and ready for your garden.

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