Binary Selections – Funkadelic Strain – Auto Fem – 5 Pack

(Landlocked Funk f3 x Nurple f3)



For our sixth creation we’d like to introduce Funkadelic.
It seemed the most appropriate name for the funky combination of our Landlocked Funk and Nurple.
The mother of this cross was a beautiful Landlocked Funk that was heavily clustered with minimal leafage and triched out along the stems out to the fan leaves. She was pollinated with a choice Nurple reversal. The Nurple was tall and funky with large dense purple flowers with purple bracts at every node. These traits along with the flower density has carried over to the offspring in the Funkadelic.

Green leafage and purple flower with a fading to a rainbow of colors as she matures is the most common pheno found. The true rarity in this cross is the purple leaf and purple flower pheno. Maybe 5% will have this trait.
Funkadelic ladies can get quite large due to the hybrid vigor of being an F1. Training is highly recommended for optimum results. She can handle being topped and will take to low stress training like a champ.

All will have an amazing funk factor. The flavors of both parents bring themselves out in combinations never experienced before in any Binary lines.Genetics: Landlocked Funk f3 x Nurple f3
Plant size: large
Sprout to harvest: 75-80 days

Photos by: Snoot8049

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5 Pack

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Auto Fem

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