Annunaki Genetics – Sangue Amore Strain – Fem Photo

Dragons Blood Hashplant (bleeds red) x Purple Pineapple Express #4 (resistant to powdery mildew)

Mother: Dragons Blood Hashplant is an incredibly special plant bred by Bodhi. It’s special because there are certain phenotypes that will bleed red sap that looks just like blood (or raspberry juice)!
We were on the hunt for these seeds for years, but they were sold out worldwide.
Sometime later we had an opportunity to trade with somebody who had some and sure enough after planting 4 seeds we found one that bled red!!
It’s incredible to see the bloody red sap exude from the plant when the tops are pinched off! During pre-flower pruning the scene can turn into a massacre lol.

Dragons Blood Hashplant has a yield that is average or slightly less than average, but the plant makes up for it in other ways, with its resin coat, unique terpentine aroma profile, and its profound high it imparts on the user.

‘Father’: Purple Pineapple Express #4 is one of our favorite plants, and she just so happens to be one of the first crosses we ever made! Nearly 10 years ago, we used a beautiful Pineapple Express female and crossed her to a special non-serrate leaf Huckleberry Hound male. Each of the Purple Pineapple Express phenotypes were extremely nice in appearance, all expressing purple flowers with huge, fat buds and exceptional yields, but we decided to keep the #4 phenotype because of her sturdy stature, fantastic bud production, her insanely resinous pewter-purple flowers, and her stellar high.

Sangue Amore plants are the tallest in this seed line and for the most part are a perfect combination of both parents with lanky branches of an average flower-set.
We’d argue that Sangue Amore plants are an improvement over Dragons Blood Hashplant because of the increased yield and the increased resin output.
The leaves are more green than they are purple, while the buds are equally green and purple, which comes on during late flower.
Plants may show some powdery mildew resistance too because of the PPE4 father, but I think the question most are looking for here is, “Do Sangue Amore plants bleed red!?”
They sure do! We found about 25 will show this spectacular trait.
We will keep working the blood line, but this is great chance to experience it yourself!


(Disclaimer: When growing cannabis there is something called phenotypical expressions. This means a strain can express itself (look differently) from plant to plant. Our breeder photos show one of potentially many phenotypical expressions)

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