Annunaki Genetics – Double Duck Strain – Reg Photo

Moon Duck F4 (webbed-leaf plant) x Duckweb IBL (webbed-leaf plant)

Double Duck is a fantastic ducksfoot cannabis variety.

Fantastic may even be an understatement because these are some of the nicest webbed leaf plants we’ve ever grown!
They surprised us because we had intended on maybe using these to further our own breeding projects, of which we have a range of mutant lines in the works, but these Double Duck plants came out so nice we couldn’t bring ourselves to NOT release them!

Big credit goes to the breeders who created the parents.
The mother is Moon Duck F4, by Fygtree, who crossed DJ Shorts Vanilluna to Duckleaf for four generations before we received his seeds in trade.
He did tremendous work in selections as he moved forward in the generations.
The aromas and resin on the the Moon Duck plants were exceptional.
The other parent, one of the most unique cannabis plants in general, to us, is the Duckweb IBL from Olympic seeds- bright pink pistils, a sour lemon aroma, and neat webbed-leaves are the stand-out traits on this inbred line that’s been kept alive for decades.

The two parents chromosomes combined wonderfully in this cross because Double Ducks buds are good sized, dense, heavy, highly resinous, and extremely aromatic, having a sweet lemon, fruity, dank-earthiness.
Most duckleaf plants on the market do not have the resin, the aroma, or the weight, and yet the plants that will grow from these seeds possess all of those traits!
Plus a couple phenos will throw pink pistils as well, indoor or out.
We didn’t find one lackluster phenotype in the bunch.

Double Duck are set to impress.

Type: 75 indica / 25 sativa

Flowering time: Most finish in 8.5-9 weeks, some may go 10 weeks.


(Disclaimer: When growing cannabis there is something called phenotypical expressions. This means a strain can express itself (look differently) from plant to plant. Our breeder photos show one of potentially many phenotypical expressions)

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