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Pink LemonAid #2 x Divine Spirit

Divine LemonAid is a beautiful cross we made using our favorite bright-pink plant, Pink LemonAid #2.
She was one of our first creations and we’ve kept her in our garden for the better part of a decade now.
Having already crossed her to each of our favorite males, this time will be no different.

Our male here, who we’ve named Divine Spirit, was selected back in 2020, He was the standout of a group of 15-20 other males that year.
He was the very last one to flower, and noticeable so. Unlike his sisters, who were skinnier, and small yielding, he was an absolute beast of a plant, and was the only one we decided to keep that season, and seeing what we saw, we had a really good feeling about him. Two years later now, having seen his influence on our garden favorites, we can say that we’ll be keeping him as one of a few select males that we will go on growing in our vegetative garden, being watered every single day of its life for years on end (it’s already been two), so that we can continue to introduce him to our prettiest females. With Spirit in the Sky and Citrus Sap as his parents, everybody knows he’s got good genes.

Divine LemonAid plants grow much like the Pink LemonAid mother, both in growth structure and in stature, growing tall and lanky, having long inter-node spacings, and minimal fan leaves to pull during harvest. Colorful purplish-red flowers and insane trichomes are a given. The dried flowers tend to have the appearance of raspberries rolled in powdered sugar. The aroma is pleasant, being one of Old Time Country powdered lemonade with some sweet red-fruit undertones.

Upon inhalation the flowers provide a nice, cerebral daytime high. Euphoric but not racey, and without a heavy come-down.

These plants are easy to grow and yield abundantly.

Please note that the particular Pink LemonAid #2 female we pollinated had a few variegated branches at the time, so one could expect a variegated seedling or two from this cross.
We’d say maybe 1 in 10 seeds.

Highly recommended.

Sativa dominant

58-66 day flower time


(Disclaimer: When growing cannabis there is something called phenotypical expressions. This means a strain can express itself (look differently) from plant to plant. Our breeder photos show one of potentially many phenotypical expressions)

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