Ace Seeds – Zacateca Tribute (bred By Green Mountain Seeds) Strain – Reg Photo

Genetics:  Big Sur Holy Weed x Oaxacan Gold

This mostly Mexican cultivar was produced to try to capture the essence of some of the rarest Mexican cannabis strains on the planet.

The once revered and thought to be extinct in pure form: purple Zacatecas Mexican sativa, which is clearly present in Big Sur Holy Weed genetic heritage, kept as an IBL.

Big Sur Holy weed is legendary in her own right, and it was crossed in this hybrid with of one of the top ten rarest legendary Mexican strains: Green Mountain Seeds’ exclusive Oaxacan Gold.

Flowering time: 10-11 weeks, 100% Sativa

Christmas tree structure of moderate stretch, with long arm shaped, dense, heavy and self-supporting buds.

Pine, sweet, floral, incense, hash


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