Ace Seeds – Super Panama Haze Strain – Fem Photo – 5 Pack

Genetics: Early 90s Neville’s Haze x 10th generation Panama Goddess

Masterful 90% sativa hybrid, bred with a very potent and productive Neville’s Haze (selected by Neville himself more than 30 years ago) and our elite F10 Panama, consistently producing very productive and refined old school American sativa phenotypes.

Both the Neville’s Haze mother and our Panama are 2 prime examples of very vigorous, productive, potent and top quality American sativa hybrids. The union between these 2 powerful, legendary and well-worked genotypes produces a wonderful fusion of Mexican, Colombian and Panamanian sativas, with disproportionate hybrid vigour and colossal final yields.

The flower structures are huge, long and lance-shaped, made up of lots of buds, really beautiful, very resinous and incredibly dense for a sativa, with hardly any leaves (so trimming is a breeze).

The terpene profiles are sweet, creamy, floral, lemony and incensed like a very refined American sativa, with very potent, clean, euphoric and energetic effects of the highest quality, lasting more than 3 hours.

Super Panama Haze has a very Neville’s Haze, perfected sativa-dominant development. Even so, the also very elaborate Panama contributes a lot, enriching the terpene profiles, substantially improving the quality of the effects and shortening the flowering time of the Neville’s Haze, so in our opinion Super Panama Haze represents a significant improvement over it. It will make you feel like you’re experiencing the best citrus Haze hybrids of the mid 90’s, but with no skunk and hardly any Afghani presence, which translates into much cleaner, more ceiling-free, higher-quality sativa effects.

Limited edition feminised, available while stocks last.

90% Sativa

Flowering time: 11-13 weeks



Only 3 left in stock

(Disclaimer: When growing cannabis there is something called phenotypical expressions. This means a strain can express itself (look differently) from plant to plant. Our breeder photos show one of potentially many phenotypical expressions)

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