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In this feminized Kali China Breeders Pack, we offer you the 4 best F4-F5 lines we have ever bred, result of the intense plant breeding work we have done with this strain in the last 6 years, using multiple different lines and a lot of parental plants, in order to bring Kali China to an even higher level of quality and stability.

Kali China is one of the strains that has taken us more time to develop, reaching the top breeding refinement of our China Yunnan hybrids.

It’s a compact and fast flowering plant of indica behavior, which flowers produce a unique and complex aroma, and a refined tropical sativa effect.

Like in ‘haute cuisine’, Kali China stimulates very different organoleptic areas, making this strain a delightful experience of the highest terpenic level.

Its effect stands out because of its complexity and sativa nature, surprising traits for a plant of only 45-55 days of flowering time, that is easy to cultivate indoors without height problems.

Description of the different feminized lines available in this Kali China Breeders Pack:

– Line 21 (F5): This line produces hash plants of excellent resin production, compact size and very fast flowering (7-8 weeks). Outstanding creamy and incensey aromas and flavors, very refined and complex, with tropical fruits (ripen mango), touches of peach, hash and grilled meat. Very pleasurable, clean and euphoric effect, with unusual sativa qualities for a plant of hashplant indica behavior. This is the line that in our opinion produces the plants that best come close to our ideal of Kali China and is probably the most refined terpene line in the entire ACE Seeds catalog. This line was started from the female F3 Kali China 21: an elite female F4 (Kali China 21-4) was selected from its offspring, which was reversed to pollinate the best F4 sisters from the same line and generation, thus following the stabilization and improvement of this line by inbreeding until the final F5. Perfect balance between the best traits from the purple Chinese Yunnan hashplant pheno, and the touch we were looking for from the old Kali Mist.

– Line 22 (F5): This line produces very similar plants to line 21 in appearance, flowering time and complexity of terpenes and desirable effects. Overall it shares with line 21 the fruity and incense aromas and flavors, highlighting the hashy/earthy terpenes and touch of violet petals, but with less creaminess and less presence of mango than line 21.

– Elite F3xF4: This line combines the top 2 ‘elite’ F3 and F4 parental plants in a single line. In order to do this, we reversed the elite mother F4 Kali China 21 – 4 (best F4 parental used in the last stages of breeding) to pollinate the elite F3 Kali China 6 (main parental plant used in the reproduction of the previous version of Kali China). This line is very similar in quality of terpenes and effects to line 21, although on average it produces larger plants, with a longer internode length, bigger yields and a slightly longer flowering time (8-9 weeks), due to the strongest sativa influence of the mother F3.

– KC 21 – 4 (F4 S1): Self-pollination of the best F4 parental of Kali China to bring you the closest genotype to our best mother of Kali China. This line offers the best and most refined resins, effects and terpenes of line 21 in only 7 weeks of flowering, but with less vigor and yield due to the inbreeding produced by this type of self-breeding.

Kali China Breeders Pack Feminized contains 4 feminized lines (5 feminized seeds/ per line) :

– Line 21 (F5).

– Line 22 (F5).

– Line Elite F3xF4.

– Line KC 21 – 4 (F4 S1).


Format Feminized
Sativa / Indica ratio 75 % indica / 25 % sativa
THC 14-22 %
CBD 0.2 %
CBG 0.3 %
Flowering indoors 7-9 weeks
Flowering outdoors End of September / Early October
Yield Average
Resistance against spider mites Average-High
Resistance against powder mildew Average-High
Resistance against botrytis Average-High
Resistance against white fly Average-High
Resistance against cold Average-High
Resistance against heat Average-High
Latitude 0º-47º
Genetics (Old Kali Mist x China Yunnan) x China Yunnan. Semi stabilized hybrid.
Structure Indoors it grows compact and columnar. Outdoors develops more branching with a rounder shape.
Bouquet Mango juice, sweet cream, incense, hash, grill meat and oriental spices.
High Powerful, psychedelic and sensorial effect of SE asian sativa, with a relaxed, introspective and meditative development.
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3 Pack, 5 Pack

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(Disclaimer: When growing cannabis there is something called phenotypical expressions. This means a strain can express itself (look differently) from plant to plant. Our breeder photos show one of potentially many phenotypical expressions)



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