Ace Seeds – Breeder Pack Pakistan Chitral Kush Strain – Reg Photo – 30 Pack

In Pakistan Chitral Kush Breeders Pack, we offer you the best genetics available from this legendary pure Pakistani indica, famous for its cherry and forest fruit bubblegum aromas, and for its astonishing purple and red colors.

It’s a pure indica landrace that has shown its great value in the past decade as a breeding tool. It has been widely used by many growers to produce excellent hybrids. PCK originally comes from Cannabiogen, and we at ACE Seeds have worked extensively with her since 2007.

Description of the parental plants used to breed the different lines included in this Pakistan Chitral Kush Breeders Pack:

Old Purple PCK: This is the best PCK mother that we keep in our mother room, selected in 2002. It is the PCK mother that made this strain so popular due to its outstanding purple colors and its excellent terpene profile of strawberry and blackberry bubblegum. We consider her as the elite purple phenotype of this strain. It has a pleasant hash plant effect and an excellent resistance against adverse climates (hot, cold, rain and drought) and against fungus. The yield is average and the flowering time is short: 7-8 weeks.

New purple PCK: Purple mother selected in 2009, very similar to the Old Purple PCK mother, although it’s slightly more vigorous and better yielding. The yield is average and the flowering time is short: 7-8 weeks.

Red/Pink PCK: Mother selected in 2009, that stands out because of its reddish and pinkish colors. The flowers have a more open and not so tight structure, although it has the biggest ovaries. The yield is average and the flowering time is short: 7-8 weeks.

Green PCK: Our best green PCK mother, selected in 2009. It stands out because it is higher yielding, more resinous and more powerful than the PCK colorful phenos. The yield is average-high with a flowering time of 8-9 weeks.

Pakistan Chitral Kush Breeders Pack Standard contains 3 standard lines (10 standard seeds/ per line):

– Old Purple PCK: Offspring coming from our best purple PCK female. This line offers the best and most refined resins and terpenes from the Pakistan Chitral Kush.

– New Purple PCK: Offspring coming from New Purple PCK.

– Green PCK: It produces the best yielding and most powerful offspring of all the PCK lines, also offering greater frequency of green phenotypes.

To create the standard seeds we have used our selected purple PCK male, widely used both in the breeding of this variety and in the development of all the standard PCK hybrids of our catalog.


Format Standard
Sativa / Indica ratio 100 % indica
THC 15-18 %
CBD 0.07 %
CBG 0.16 %
Flowering indoors 8-9 weeks
Flowering outdoors End of September
Yield Average
Resistance against spider mites Average-High
Resistance against powder mildew High
Resistance against botrytis High
Resistance against white fly High
Resistance against cold High
Resistance against heat High
Latitude 0º-50º
Genetics 100 % indica from Chitral, Pakistani Hindu Kush.
Structure Indica plant with average/short node length, wide leaves and columnar growth. Not as robust as the afghani indicas.
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