Alebrije Genetics

Alebrije Genetics is the passion project of a Mexican-American couple who love to grow, breed and consume flavorful Autoflowers.
Our feminized Autoflower seeds are produced with love and care in a small organic living soil garden tended by hand. The initial project for Alebrije Genetics began in late 2019 with our first photoperiod to autoflower cross. We selected our favorite traits over three generations and brought the cultivar to a fully autoflowering population. The Dawgwalker Auto (Stardawg photo x Skywalker OG auto) has provided a frosty Chem base for several of our initial projects.

Each cultivar project comes from carefully selected phenotypes that are tested against a range of heavy stressors and prioritized by terpene profile, resin production and overall health

We hope to spread our passion for the plant through our craft genetics. We believe autoflowers are the future of the industry and know they will become a staple in home gardens worldwide.

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