Got a jack?

Dawn, our in-house angel, and packaging expert, needs a new ride to continue supplying the multiverse with top-quality cannabis seeds. To help raise funds for this worthy cause, we’re having a FLASH SALE for 24 hours starting NOW Saturday, January 27th.

During this sale, you’ll be able to snag some amazing deals on a variety of different breeders, including:

Ace Seeds: 30% off

Atlas Seeds: 20% off

Aura Genetix: 40% off

Barneys Farm: 30% off

BGreen Genetics: 40% off

Binary Selections: 20% off

Blimburn Seeds: 30% off

Bloom Seed Co: 40% off

Bodhi/Sproutways: 30% off

Brothers Grimm: 30% off

Cali Connection: 20% off

Cannarado Genetics: 30% off

Cult Classic: 40% off

Dark Horse: 30% off

Dark Owl: 10% off

DNA: 20% off

Dutch Passion: 30% off

Ebb and Flow: 20% off

Envy Genetics: 40% off

Error Seeds: 20% off

Ethos: 25% off

Exotic Genetics: 30% off (New drop is 20% off)

Fast Buds: 30% off

Fat Cat Labs: 40% off

Fire Budz: 40% off

Gas Reaper: 40% off

Gnome Automatics: 30% off

Hollands High: 30% off

Humboldt Seed Co: 30% off

Inhouse Genetics: 20% off

Jinxproof: 30% off

Kagyu/Sproutways: 30% off

Magic Strains: 30% off

Mephisto: 30% off

Mosca: 30% off

Mutant Genetics: 20% off

Night Owl: 20% off

Organicx Genetics: 20% off

Pacific Later Roots: 35% off

Photon Pharms: 20% off

Pure Breeding: 30% off

Ripper Seeds: 30% off

Robin Hood: 20% off

Roc Bud Inc: 20% off

Romulan: 20% off

Ronin Garden: 30% off

Royal Queen: 30% off

Seed Stockers: 30% off

Seedsman: 40% off

Sensi Seeds: 30% off

Sin City: 30% off

Skunk House: 40% off

Snowhigh/Sproutways: 20% off

SoFem: 30% off

Solfire Garden: 20% off

Square One: 20% off

Sweet Seeds: 40% off

Tastebudz: 20% off

Terp Fi3nd: 20% off

Trident: 30% off

Twenty20 Mendocino: 30% off

Twisted Trees Auto Flowers: 20% off

Viking Gardens: 20% off

Wicked Pissah: 30% off

Don’t miss out on these great deals and the opportunity to help a valued member of the Multiverse Beans team.

Also don’t forget to enter our monthly giveaway! Each month we are giving a prize pack up to $250 in beans as well as grow consultations and an opportunity to help design a slap to be given away in future orders!


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